Make Geography Study More Meaningful

Making Your Geography Study More Meaningful

Five Ways We Made Geography More Meaningful

“But the mother, who knows better, will find a hundred opportunities to teach geography by the way…”Charlotte Mason Volume 1 page 72

1. Don’t just add places to a map as part of a geography project…pick one of those places and research it. Share your work with the whole family.

From my blog on March 1, 2009:

“We just recently made changes to our geography assignments each week. Instead of completing the suggested maps, the boys pick a place from their reading each week and do a little quick research on it to share at our Friday meetings. This week one son picked the Ural Mountains and one picked the Bering Sea. We are learning so much more this way compared to when we were trying to complete whole maps as put into the TOG plans. Following the TOG suggestions were bogging us down. The boys would rather know something interesting about one particular place than a whole lot of nothing about a lot of places.”

2. Use notebook pages for customized learning about a geographical location.

Geography notebook page high school

3. Keep a large world map in plain sight to refer to as often as possible.

Wall map geography plans

4. Include a study of the plants and animals of a country when completing a geography project.

Children are naturally interested in animals from far away places that are different than your local creatures so let them use that as a way to learn about geography and habitats.

Animal High school notebook pages

5. Use geographical references when going places and taking hikes. Your local geography is just as important as learning about places far away.

“The first ideas to learn are that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Just by knowing this he’ll be able to tell in which direction nearby streets and buildings are from his house or the town.” Charlotte Mason Vol. 1 page 74

These are just a few of the many ideas we used during our High School Geography. You can read more in detail with a free downloadable geography curriculum in this post:

Harmony Art Mom’s High School World Geography

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