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Walking Trail July 2013

I am sharing some of my favorite photos of each of the kids from 2013.

The end of 2013 has finished much differently than it began. In so many strange and wonderful ways we have felt God’s hand directing things…it has become perfectly clear that answers to prayer come in ways other than expected. In almost all cases, things have turned out better than imagined. What a gift and my heart is grateful.


My regular readers have been along for the ride as I closed up my homeschool, watched as one child really fly the nest all the way to New York, and also witnessed my personal efforts to become more fit and healthy. Milestones were reached and new goals are forming even as I type this entry.

Yosemite May 2013 (31)

December has flown by so I will try to recap with words and pictures.


We had a major snowstorm that dropped six inches of snow that stayed around for almost two week. It was cold!


We finished up our bathroom remodel which was a HUGE project. All the kids helped with their various construction skills…my daughter put in the tile floor! It is nice to have kids with abilities that are willing to help us out.

Tolowa Dunes State Park Dec 2013 (6)

My husband and I have found that now with the kids all grown, or almost grown, we have time to ourselves. We took a trip to Oregon just the two of us earlier in the month. Trying to find a new “normal” can be fun and exciting. It is a new chapter in our love story…one that is even sweeter than the 20-something love story we started before kids. Growing old together is okay, not to be feared. He loves my sprouting wrinkles and my silly humor. I love his quiet way…his always being there to try whatever comes our way.

Keeping up with a tradition, we write a letter to ourselves on New Year’s Eve to be opened the following December 31st. It is something we started years ago and always proves to be enlightening. I have been contemplating what my words will be in my letter to myself, how to look forward to another year of change and growth in our family. I haven’t always accepted the changes gracefully but it is getting easier.

My children are such inspirations to me. I’m no longer homeschooling my children but maybe they are still homeschooling me, teaching me to love every minute I have with them and then to be able to accept the quiet that comes as they slip out of my days. They are good at keeping in touch when they are away with words and images, gems collected in my figurative pocket to be brought out when needed. They sparkle and shine. I watch.

It is a letting go and an embracing.




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