The Myth of Accomplishing It All: Homeschool Moms and Online Time




Myth of doing it all Homeschool Moms and Online time

This post is from December 2011 and merits a repost for my new readers. This is one of my frequently asked questions here at Harmony Art Mom….I hope it helps you try to find some balance and peace in your homeschooling and online activities. -Barb McCoy


A frequent question I receive from readers:
“How do you accomplish everything online: write for two active blogs, sell ebooks and curriculum, participate in carnivals and link-ups, keep up with email, Twitter, and Facebook?”

My answer always includes the fact that my youngest child is now sixteen and very independent. I have more time now than ever before but it is still easy to get distracted and spend lots of time online. I try to keep in mind that the truly GOOD stuff happens in real life, up-close with my husband and children. My real JOY comes from spending time with them and as a by-product of that time I have things to share online.

Calendar and To Do List
Keeping a task list and an overall calendar are a lifesaver

How do I stay on track? I keep a short list of things to do and a calendar near my computer with tasks that need to be accomplished each day and when I complete those tasks I turn the computer off. There is no one answer or one schedule that will allow it all to get done that I can share. We all have the same 24 hours in a day but how we use those 24 hours is unique to our family. I try to stay open to opportunities to spend time with my boys during the day and then in the evenings to be face to face with my husband.

Real Things
It is easy to be off line if you have hobbies that interest you.

At this point in my life, blogging and writing have become an integral part of who I am but only because I have older children. I write about my passions but passions take TIME, unscheduled unplanned time.

New Cloth Napkins
My newest cloth napkins…

Taking a walk with my teen, sketching in the sunshine, throwing the ball for our Kona dog, cutting flowers in the garden, counting birds, baking cookies, sewing a few stitches, calling a friend…SWEET time that makes you feel like you are truly living. These are the things that will give your life texture and not the smooth glassy reflection that you get from a computer screen.

I heard a mom the other day share that she was hoping to become more efficient, better at balancing it all. Being a mother is never efficient. It is a myth that you can do it all. There are far more things that need our attention off-line than online.Tip the balance towards your family and you will not have as many regrets.

Walking Trail
Mr. A and I taking some time on the trail….he loves his long board and I love my feet.

Don’t trade online tasks for real time spent with your children. Blog readers will wait. Facebook and Twitter followers will wait. Your children will not always be waiting with their adorable little faces wanting your attention. Too soon they sprout a skateboard, a bike, or a car to speed away from you. Spend your time well…it slips away too fast.


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