Intimate Impressionism – Camille Pissarro

Intimate Impressionism from @harmonyfinearts
Camille Pissarro is one of those artists that I always forget that I like so much. I am going to enjoy viewing his artwork this week and sharing with my family. Here are a few links to glean some information from and to enjoy some of Pissarro’s artwork.

Artwork on WikiPaintings – make sure to click to see the enlarged images.

Camille Pissarro lesson plan from the Denver Art Museum – Excellent lesson plan featuring Pissarro’s Autumn Poplars.

Printable Biography for Pissarro – probably for older students.

Hyde Park London Pissarro

I just love the way he uses color and shadow in his paintings. You might like to try using my printable Art Question Cards as part of your picture study this week.

art cards harmony fine arts

Camille Pissarro Notebook Page

Pissarro Notebook Page


Intimate Impression – Camille Pissarro Notebook Page


Pull the painting up on your computer and let your children view it for a few minutes. Follow up with recording the information specified on the notebook page and then color in the image with colored pencils.

Here is a link to the painting: Chestnut Trees at Louveciennes-Winter.


Here is the schedule of artists planned in this series:

Week 1: Edgar Degas

Week 2: Claude Monet

Week 3: Paul Gauguin

Week 4: Pierre August Renoir

Week 5: Berthe Morisot

Week 6: Camille Pissarro

Week 7: Alfred Sisley

Week 8: Paul Cezanne

Week 9: Edouard Manet

Week 10: Edouard Vuillard




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