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McCoy Family Jan 2014

I have been sort of quiet here on the blog the past few weeks. It was a time of anticipation.

Mr. A was home for a week from his new life in New York and we were all eager to have some family time. I wanted everything to go smoothly so I planned the highlights of the week before he got here and then left some time to allow for things to come about with friends and extended family.

I have missed Mr. A but have also so enjoyed seeing him mature and grow. He has developed some close friendships with new people in his congregation and they have made him feel at ease. Mr. A is easy to get along with so it doesn’t surprise me that he has been able to fit right into a new circle of people.

cronan ranch family hike

We carved one whole day just for the six of us and did one of our favorite things together…hiking. The sunshine was warm and as we walked along the boys spent time sharing the time with laughs and happy talk. It felt good to have them back together even if it was a short time.

gold panning american river

Family Gold Panning

I felt like we were trying to cram a whole six month’s worth of fun into a week. I forced myself to be present and to not be distracted by mundane tasks and online activities. It went by too fast. Things I planned on talking to Mr. A about went unsaid. But, it felt as if he already knew what I wanted to share.

Family collage Feb 2014

Amanda had some time to catch up with Mr. A and talk about her impending move to New York, living within an hour or two from him. I am still mixed in my feelings about having two of my children living so far away. In our modern era, technology keeps us closer and we don’t feel so isolated from each other. Mr. A sends me texts and we Facetime to keep in contact.

Our last day together, we spent in worship and then fellowship. There were lots of people who came by to share a few minutes with Mr. A before he returned to his other life.

It was a time of cherishing. I know change is in the works…our little circle cannot remain closed forever and we will need to let others in at some point.

In the meantime, I will take in all the family time I can get.

Just a note as I go to publish this post.

My husband has felt Mr. A’s departure keenly, realizing how much he loves having his three sons all together. We had a long talk about our children’s independence and the idea of giving them wings AND letting them fly away from the nest. It is such a mixed blessing. In the end, we decided that we can’t selfishly hold them so tight that they cannot grow and have their own adventures. We are making a conscious decision to support each one in their goals and then to enjoy seeing their successes.  I told my husband that after much thought, I realized that they are so confident in what they do because they know we are there cheering them on and we are really the ultimate safety net if they need us.

The give and take of being parents lasts forever.
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