LEGO Writing Ebook – Free Printable Unit

LEGO Story Writing Ebook printable @harmonyfinearts

Several years ago, I  challenge my son to create an ebook. I gave him some ideas and guidance and he designed an ebook showing how to use LEGOs to write a story. He broke down the story writing process into just a few easy steps, incorporating the use of LEGOS and LEGO mini-figures to inspire young writers.

I am offering this LEGO Story Writing ebook here to my readers and I hope it inspires your LEGO fanatic to write their own story soon.

17 page ebook includes:

  • 6 printable lessons: Setting, Character, Dialogue, Conflict (2 lessons), and Solution
  • Several notebook pages
  • Examples

Thanks Ben for using your talent to help other young students to learn to write fun and interesting stories!

LEGO Story Writing Ebook from Harmony Fine Arts






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