Is Art as Important as Science?


What do you think? Is art as important as science in your homeschool?

Here in our home we always put equal emphasis on both art and science, creating time in our week for exploring both areas of study. I wasn’t always confident about that decision. A more traditional approach looks better on paper but when we were working through our weeks of homeschooling, if we didn’t have some art to balance our week out, we felt tired and flat. Art was the refreshing bright spot and a time we could all work together.

Creating an atmosphere where both art and music is valued allows for developing each individual child’s strengths. I tried to value my children’s unique gifts whether it was giving them art instruction or teaching them how to conduct a proper scientific lab experiment. Each subject was viewed as a vehicle used to sharpen observation skills and creative thinking in a way that made sense.

It takes courage to carve out time for art each week but if you adjust your thinking it becomes second nature. I guarantee that some of your children will look back on those art lessons as some of the best learning times they had during their school years.

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