Summer Art – Picasso Profile

Woman by the Window Picasso
Woman by the Window by Pablo Picasso
We will start off our July study of Pablo Picasso with this colorful and fun portrait by Pablo Picasso. Follow the link above to see the painting clearly on your computer.

Use some of the questions provided in the Art Question Cards to help get a discussion of the painting going with your children…it should be easy with this painting and remember there are no wrong answers.

You can find the Art Question Cards here to print.

Here is a video for you to watch (you only need to watch 3 1/2 minutes of the video for the lesson) and it will tell you a little about Picasso and then demonstrate how to create a Picasso Profile project with your children.

ArtSmart Picasso

Materials Needed:

Drawing paper

Paints ( use tempera paints or watercolors)

Alternative to paints: markers

Thick black marker

Follow the instructions in the video to create a profile outline on a sheet of paper for your child to use to make their own Picasso inspired profile portrait. The video doesn’t provide specific instructions about how to add the facial features or the hair but it should be simple enough to view the Picasso painting above and then do something in the same style.


If you have some extra time this week, you may like to try this activity: Picasso Head. This is an online interactive art activity for all ages.

Due date to be included in the slideshow: July 7, 2014.
All artists are welcome and there is no need to sign up. Send in your artwork in jpg format to: [email protected]


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