Summer Art – Picasso’s 3 Musicians

This week we will take a look at several paintings featuring a musical theme. All of the paintings linked below have a guitar in them. Make sure to ask your children to look for something that is common in all paintings and see if they can pick out the guitars.

Create your own Picasso style artwork with a guitar somewhere in the picture! You can copy one of the paintings above or create your very own guitar-scape!

Materials Needed:

Drawing paper or watercolor paper

Markers or watercolors

Thick black marker

If you need help drawing a guitar, here is a link: Guitar Shapes.

Due date to be included in the slideshow: July 28, 2014.
All artists are welcome and there is no need to sign up. Send in your artwork in jpg format to: [email protected]


Here is your slideshow from last week’s Chalk Pastel Seahorse assignment: Seahorses.

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