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Harmony Fine Arts How to Use the Three Options harmonyfinearts.org

Harmony Fine Arts was designed to be a flexible plan for families to use in creating a rich art appreciation experience. Most families use a combination of the three option scheduled, usually Option 1 and either Option 2 or 3. I always suggest starting off with Options 1 and 2 and then add in Option 3 if you have more time in your weekly schedule or you have a child that enjoys learning about great artists and art. It is possible to use all three options but not necessary.

Note these three options apply to Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1-8.

Harmony Fine Arts

Option One- Picture Study

Harmony Fine Arts Option 1 includes clickable links to a piece of art each week. You can either view the artwork online or you right click and save the artwork to your device for viewing. These images can be studied by your family as part of Option 1.

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Option Two – In Depth Study Using a Variety of Resources (books, art cards, coloring pages)

Harmony Fine Arts Option 2 takes your art appreciation a little deeper. Using supplemental books, Option 2 helps your child learn a little bit more about the artist, the art style, or the art time period. This option is where you can pick and choose each week to add in some additional art appreciation and follow up after completing Option 1.

More links you may want to view (just some additional ideas and images to get you thinking)

Option Three – Art Skills (Artistic Pursuits schedule or other art project related materials)

Harmony Fine Arts Option 3 adds in an art skills element. TAKE NOTE: Grades 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8 use Artistic Pursuits curriculum as the basis of this option. Grade 1 uses Child Size Masterpieces and coloring books. Grade 4 schedules Drawing With Children.

Additional links you may find helpful:

If you have any further questions, you might like to download and view sample plans for the grade level you are considering.

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