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Keeping a Journal (or two!)

The need to remember things just as they are has become a passion of mine. The little things that I notice as I go about my daily life, making my days special, now that it is quiet in my home. The children are all off having adventures and learning and growing. I am trying to view my time in the same way- searching for the passions that keep my heart and mind young.

There is more space in my schedule to sit and reflect and write about these transitions from busy bustling household of six to a quiet sanctuary for two.

Scripture Journal

First I have my scripture journal where after my Bible reading I record verses that speak to me or situations that connect to my current role as listening ear and encouraging mother. These pages are filled at random and looking back on past pages reminds me to be grateful for answered prayers. This is something I have worked on for a long time….recognizing the way I am blessed quietly and sometimes overlooked. I need to be more intentional with this journal.

Naturalist and Nature Journal

Next, I have my sort of “naturalist” journal where I have recorded events and observations about the natural world close to home. The first significant rainfall, various flowers blooming, birds and animals that visit my yard, and my reflections on the design and beauty I notice each day. Daily writing in this journal makes me aware of the changing seasons more than any other activity I have ever done.

Art Journal

I have my art journal/scrapbook sort of journal. It started off as part of the Documented Life Project in 2014. I made it as far as November with the weekly themes…then I got behind and never caught up. I have plans to finish it up soon since I made notes with the topics and my ideas for the pages as we went along. Of course, I didn’t complete the project strictly as planned out but I adapted it to fit my needs and skills.

Of course I have my nature journal and this year I created a Nature Journal Project of the Month list and I plan on making at least one nature journal page each month…so far I have kept up with this goal.

Why so many journals?

I find that for my personality I need to have short specific goals to reach and if I start to slack I many times just give up. Having different journals allows me not to get too bored with any one kind of journal, choosing to work on whichever one strikes my fancy when I have a minute to work on them. The scripture journal is the only one I consistently work in every day as part of my Bible reading routine. The others are more on an “as needed” basis.

It feels so satisfying to mark time by writing or drawing in a journal. I don’t try to please anyone but myself with my journaling.

Do you keep a journal? What is your journaling routine? I would love to hear about it if you would like to leave me a comment.


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