Homeschooling Encouragement From The Archives

This is the time of year I always loved and looked forward to with such anticipation. Back to school time always brought with it such high hopes for new learning adventures. Any fresh new curriculum had been chosen with care, creating inside me an eagerness to get started.

Then the first week or two would pass by and that feeling of “maybe I made a mistake” or “this is not working so as well as I wished” would set in. Time to reevaluate a choice was a serious job.

I thought I might share some of my posts from the archives that touch on some of these feelings and how we dealt with them in our family.

I hope you find something that encourages you!

 Homeschooling Charlotte Mason High School Experience @harmonyfinearts

Charlotte Mason High School Or Not? – Maybe you are wavering in your decision to use the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling for high school. You may find my words in this post from 2009 encouraging.

 Not Back to School Yet @harmonyfinearts


Not Back to School Yet: Sometimes you just need to delay your start of the school year before you really get going! This post from August 2011 shares some reasons to delay your school year if you are having trouble getting started.

Creating a Life Long Learner

Ingredients to Building a Life-Long Learner- This post from 2012 will help remind you of the more important things when it comes to homeschooling a child in a way that is meaningful.

Homeschooling Counting Down to the First Day @harmonyfinearts

Tick, Tick, Tick…Counting Down to the First Day – I love going back and reading this post. It reminds me of a year filled with such memories and the most important thing is that I didn’t miss the joy in watching my son mature over his senior year of high school. He is so far away now living in New York. We have a sweet relationship that is held together with phone calls, texts, and Instagram. We see each other in about seven weeks for a week long Connecticut adventure.


1-4 bundle covers random button

Still looking for that perfect art appreciation program for your homeschool? I created the flexible Harmony Fine Arts plans for families who want to offer art and music appreciation in a simple and enjoyable way. I invite you to take a look at the sample pages and see for yourself if these plans would help your year go a little better.

Can’t wait!

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