Autumn Paintings Picture Study

Autumn Paintings Picture Study and Art Show @harmonyfinearts View autumn art with these selections to make an easy art afternoon.


I was in the mood for a little art viewing and decided to pull together a simple autumn themed art show for your to enjoy with your children. You can either view the paintings here on the blog (clicking the image will make it more prominent) or you can follow the painting’s link to view it larger on Wikiart. I picked all paintings that are in the public domain so if you want to right click and save the painting, you can print a copy for your family to use in your picture study.

I even printed one and put it in a frame on my nature display table for the month.

Scroll to the bottom of this entry to find the link to the printable art question cards to use as a way to discuss the paintings with your children.

Make it fun and enjoyable!


Rain Edvard Munch

Rain, Edvard Munch. 1902.

 the-eiffel-tower-1889 Georges Seaurat

The Eiffel Tower, Georges Seaurat. 1889.

the-walk-falling-leaves-1889 van gogh

The Walk-Falling Leaves, Vincent Van Gogh. 1889.

autumn-landscape albert bierstadt

Autumn Landscape, Albert Bierstadt.

 along-the-woods-in-autumn-188 sisley

Along the Woods in Autumn, Alfred Sisley. 1885.

 autumn-or-the-grape-harvest-1787 goya

Autumn, or the Grape Harvest. Francisco Goya. 1787.


Autumn on the Seine at Argenteuil, Claude Monet. 1873.

Additional picture study ideas and printables:

Viewing Tip: Set one of the paintings as your desktop wallpaper for easy viewing throughout the week.

 Autumn Art Paintings on Your Desktop for Viewing @harmonyfinearts

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