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Van Gogh Art Cards Ideas and Links @harmonyfinearts

Need a quick artist study? Van Gogh can always come to the rescue! He is such a child friendly artist to study with his bold colors and his often whimsical style. He paintings can make you happy or sad, so much to talk about.


Van Gogh Art Cards from Dover @harmonyfinearts

I have on my resource shelf a set of six art postcards from Dover Publications that have been well used over our years of artist study ( only $1.99 on Amazon). We have viewed them, touched them, hung them on the wall, and copied them into our art notebooks. I highly recommend having art that your children can handle and view up close. This set of cards is a great starter set if you are just getting started with a more serious study of artists.

Which paintings are included?

  1. Self-Portrait in Front of an Easel (1888)
  2. Portrait of Patience Escalier (1888)
  3. La Mousme’ (1888)
  4. Vase with Irises (1890)
  5. The Bridge at Langois (1888)
  6. Cafe’ Terrace at Night (1888)

I have linked the paintings above for future reference.

Harmony Fine Arts - Printable art cards

You may wish to use the free Art Question Cards available here on Harmony Fine Arts.

Van Gogh Artist Biography and Artist Study Notebook Page

Here is a free printable notebook page for you to use with your Van Gogh artist study.

Van Gogh Artist Biography and Artist Study Notebook Page

Van Gogh and Handel Button

If you want a more in-depth look at Van Gogh and his art, I invite you to look at my Harmony Fine Arts Mini-Unit. This is short six-week unit will bring more of Van Gogh’s amazing art to your homeschool week.

Van gogh Starry Night

Starry Night, 1889.

Here is an entry I did a few years ago that was written after much study and thinking on the life of Van Gogh by my sons and I: Van Gogh -Digging a Little Deeper.

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