Once a Month Art Supply- Prang Semi-Moist Watercolors

 Prang Semi Moist Watercolors review @harmonyfinearts

In November, I am featuring the Prang Semi-Moist Watercolors as my art supply of the month. These are paints that our family has used for many years and are our preferred watercolors for all kinds of artwork.

Prang Oval Pan Watercolor Set, 16 Classic Colors with No. 9 Brush
– both the set of 8 and the set of 16 are perfect as a starter set.

Prang Semi Moist Watercolor set of 16 classic colors

I purchased a brand new set of 16 to inspire some watercoloring during the winter months to come.

Edit to add my affiliate link to Amazon.com.

  • Portability! These make taking art projects outside or on a nature walk super easy. Just open add a brush and a little container of water and you are all set.

Prangs Semi Moist Watercolors art projects and review @harmonyfinearts

  • The vivid color you can achieve using these paints makes them a great choice for your art projects.
  • The colors blend and layer well and for mixing you can do that right in the lid of the paint set.

Prange Semi Moist Watercolors art journal projects @harmonyfinearts

  • The price of these paint sets makes them a frugal choice even for children who use lots of paints.
  • Colors in the set of 8: black, brown, blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, green.

Watercolor Sailboat @harmonyfinearts

Watercolor Video Tutorials!

I have purchased many of these sets of watercolors with my own money and I highly recommend them to you and your family.

Watercolor tutorials

If you would like some watercolor tutorials to use with your family, I recommend the series my daughter created a few years ago for her blog.

#1 Flat and Graded Washes#2 Stripes of White
#3 Thick and Thin Lines
#4 Wet-on-Wet
#5 Loaded Brush Smooshes
#6 Rubbing Alcohol Texture
#7 Table Salt Texture
#8 Watercolor Splatters

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