Art Appreciation – Think Long Term!

Need some help getting started with art appreciation? Today’s entry hopefully will spark some ideas and show you that creating a family of art lovers is possible for anyone who wants to make it a goal…think long term!

Creating Art Appreciation Goals from Harmony Fine Arts

This post is my way of encouraging you to create some art appreciation goals this year for your family. If you work on creating the opportunity for your family to view and enjoy some paintings each year, it will become a habit that pays off in the long term.

I found this to be true in my own family. We had humble beginnings as the boys were growing up…just hit or miss until I developed my Harmony Fine Arts plans that really kept us on track from year to year.

I invite you to use my free printable entitled, Art Appreciation Goals, to stimulate your thinking or to help you keep a bigger picture view of offering artist study and picture study in your homeschool week. You can use this printable with any art appreciation curriculum you plan on using this year.

Download a copy here: Creating Art Appreciation Goals from Harmony Fine Arts

Picasso Faces

“Art is a thing of the spirit, and we need to teach it in ways that affect the spirit. We realize that the ability to appreciate art and interpret it is as universal to all people as intelligence, or imagination, or the ability to form words to communicate. But that ability needs to be educated. Teaching the technical skill of producing pictures isn’t the same as appreciating art. To appreciate, children need to have a reverent recognition of what’s been created. Children need to learn about pictures: they need to learn about them a line at a time, and as groups, by studying pictures for themselves rather than by reading about them.”
Charlotte Mason, volume six, page 214

Charlotte Mason Picture Study High School Timeline

You may be interested in reading these two posts from my archives that show just how far you can get with the year to year approach once you hit high school.

 Homeschool Art Apprecition РCharlotte Mason High School Examples Part One: This is a must read with specific details from our actual high school art appreciation. I hope it helps you see where you are aiming by the time your children are in high school. This entry details how we did art appreciation on a high school level.

Homeschool Art Appreciation – Charlotte Mason High School Examples Part Two: This entry outlines in detail how we offered art skills in high school.

You may find these helpful:

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