Homeschool Encouragement from Charlotte Mason

June 2016 Devils Postpile Bodie (67)

Have you started your new school year and hit some rough patches already? Are the awesome plans you made falling flat with your children? Are you questioning some of your curriculum decisions?

I have been there!

Charlotte Mason Right Ideas at the Right Time @harmonyfinearts

Is It Me or Is It Them? Charlotte Mason’s Reminders to the Rescue: Here is a link to a blog entry I wrote back in 2008 after three weeks of school because we were not enjoying our homeschool experience. What helped me make the necessary changes? I turned to Charlotte Mason’s books for advice and encouragement and then shared my thoughts on my blog.

Education is Life

Homeschool High School Encouragement: I put this post together with all of my favorite high school experiences and advice…maybe you need it right now! I hope you find something in here that helps you get over your rough patch or gives you a fresh direction.

This blog has always been about an honest look at the ups and downs of homeschooling. It just felt right to give an accurate picture of the challenges of homeschooling long term…all the way through high school. As your children grow in both size and experience, their needs change. What works one year does not necessarily mean it will work or be appropriate the next year. Or, in my case, what worked for one older student doesn’t always work with a younger sibling. Staying flexible as an educator was something that I learned (the hard way) to accept as a natural part of starting each school year.

Don’t look at things as a failure or a waste of money if you need to put a book or plan aside. It is going to happen.

Let your children help you create the high school experience they need. I tried to look at the high school years as a transition to self-education and independence. Looking back, they were the BEST years of our homeschooling experience.

June 2016 Devils Postpile Bodie (54)

It was most definitely a bumpy ride but definitely something I wouldn’t trade for any of the alternatives. Some might say it was PRICELESS.





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