Creative Mom – August 2017

Creative Mom August 2017

Planner mom

There hasn’t been much time to be creative in the traditional sense this month. We were gone for a quick visit to California and then had another house guest. On top of that, two of our sons have come home to stay awhile as they prepare for their next adventure. It’s been another month of change.

Garden plans 2018

On the creative side, I’m still working on a garden plan and am starting to have a clear vision for what we need to include: patio space, small fenced flower garden area, increased native plant garden, some of the yard art that I’ve been pinning on Pinterest, and a small area to build a tent platform for visitors who come in the summer and want to experience the great Oregon outdoors.

Shutterfly prints

I’m starting to think that summers here in Oregon will be for outdoor living and the rest of the year will be for more indoor activities. This means my much neglected scrapbook will not be forgotten in the winter time and my crocheting and stitching will become more of a priority when the winter storms are rolling in. It will be a new yearly rhythm to my life, dictated by the temperatures. We have a wood stove and the wood is all in the shed in anticipation of a change in the weather.

For the first time in forever I am looking forward to autumn because I am ready for a new way of seeing the world through my Oregon experiences.

“The habit of storing mental images can’t be overrated. It can comfort us and refresh us. Even in our busiest times, we can stop and take a mini-vacation in our own piece of nature to be refreshed and gladdened by ‘the silence and calm of things that can’t speak or feel.”
Charlotte Mason, volume 1 page 50

In the meantime, before the weather does turn cold here, I’m going to be squeezing in as much outdoor time as possible. When I’m in the deep winter, I will have lots of mental images from my summer and fall to remember fondly.

Creative Things To Come

Although I find it hard to make time for creative things right now, I know it lifts my spirits when I make that time, even if it’s only 15 or 20 minutes. It keeps my mind occupied with positive thoughts.

  1. Finish my crocheted dishcloths.
  2. Scrapbook!
  3. Find a book or two to read!
  4. Beading- I’ve been gathering the supplies all summer to create some beaded necklaces and bracelets.
  5. Garden plan
  6. Letter writing! I am going to be making time for more letter writing now that I have so many distant friends to keep in contact with.

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