Sketch Tuesday – Insect

Sketch Tuesday Drawing Assignments @harmonyfinearts small

Once again we have a fantastic slideshow from the Sketch Tuesday participants. There are several new sketchers joining us and I wanted to let them know how much I appreciate seeing all their hard work. I hope you enjoy the slideshow as much as I have!

Current assignment: Sketch an insect.

Due Date: Monday, September 25, 2017

Here is this week’s slideshow: Sketch something in the Big City.

Big City 17
Note: You may need to click over and view the slideshow on the Flickr website in order to see all the sketches.
All sketchers are welcome and there is no need to sign up. Send in your sketches in jpg format and mail them to: [email protected] by Monday, September 25, 2017 and I will include them in Tuesday’s slideshow. Complete instructions are found by clicking the Sketch Tuesday tab at

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