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Music Appreciation Monday – Frederic Chopin (for the month of February 2018)

By now, hopefully you have read the two previous Music Appreciation Monday entries explaining how in 2018 we are focusing on one composer for a complete month. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the featured Youtube selection yet, here is the link so you can pop over and listen with your family: Mozart- Clarinet Concerto in A Major.

If you are ready to move onto a different selection, here are some links to previous Chopin Music Appreciation Monday choices:

Mozart Listening Log @harmonyfinearts

Download a free Listening Log Sheet to use with your family. This log is not necessary but will help your older or more advanced student keep a record of composers they have listened to over a period of time. We kept adding to these pages from year to year, even up into high school. I even have my own logs!


This composer is featured in Harmony Fine Arts grade 1 and 3 plans if you would like to listen to more Chopin.

HFA Grade 1 Cover Image

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 3

Use the discount code archive5 to receive $5 off your purchase of any of Harmony Fine Arts grades 1-8 plans.

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