Sketch Tuesday – Sticky

Sketch Tuesday Drawing Assignments @harmonyfinearts small

Can you believe it is the end of February already? I’m having a hard time accepting that we are on the downhill slide of winter and soon we will have spring weather and growing things all around us. I want to give you a heads up about next week’s slideshow. I have some things going on that may inhibit my ability to get it up on time but I will do my very best to have it ready to go on Tuesday morning.

It would greatly help me if you could send in your sketches before Sunday!

Current assignment: Sketch something sticky.

Due Date: Monday, February 26, 2018.

Here is this week’s slideshow: Sketch something that starts with letter M.
Letter M 3
All sketchers are welcome and there is no need to sign up. Send in your sketches in jpg format and mail them to: [email protected] by Monday, February 26, 2018 and I will include them in Tuesday’s slideshow. Complete instructions are found by clicking the Sketch Tuesday tab at


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