Music Appreciation Monday – Tchaikovsky Links

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Music Appreciation Monday – Tchaikovsky (April Composer)

Hopefully by now you have listened to the month’s Tchaikovsky selection,Symphony No. 1 – Winter Daydreams. You are welcome to listen to it again this week or you can try another selection from the list below.

If you are ready to move onto a different selection, here are some links to previous Tchaikovsky Music Appreciation Monday choices:

Mozart Listening Log @harmonyfinearts

  • Download a free Listening Log Sheet to use with your family. This log is not necessary but will help your older or more advanced student keep a record of composers they have listened to over a period of time. We kept adding to these pages from year to year, even up into high school. I even have my own logs!

    This composer is featured in Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 plans and also in Harmony Fine Arts Grade 8 plans if you would like to listen to more Tchaikovsky.

    Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Art and Music Plans

    harmony Fine Arts Cover grade 8

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