Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra


Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

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I loved introducing my children to the various instruments of the orchestra when they were quite small. We would listen to music and try to pick out which instruments we could hear. This time of enjoying music together lead to each of them picking their own instruments to play when they were a bit older. Three of my four children stuck with their instruments all through high school: one violin player, one trumpet player, and one flute player. I look back very fondly on those (noisy) years with much pleasure.

I hope you click over to the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra entry and watch the videos with your children and then look for the music on Amazon where it is available as part of their streaming service, if you have access to that program.

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Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1 thru 8 Button

If you need a plan for listening to great composers, I have plans for all grades with my Harmony Fine Arts plans.

Click over to view the available plans: Harmony Fine Arts


You can download a list of composers by grade level here:

Overview Chart -grades 1-12 general descriptions
Artist & Composer List – Grades 1-4 – specific artists and composers
Artist & Composer List – Grades 5-8 – specific artists and composers

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