Harmony Fine Arts Thursday Promotion #3 Free Mini Units

Harmony Fine Arts

Month of Promotions!

Week 3


This week’s promotion will make you pretty happy!

I’ll give you a coupon code to receive all four mini-units FREE with the purchase of any year plan or bundle available here at Harmony Fine Arts! That’s a $13.40 bonus gift to you, just for making a purchase by 8/22/18.

Use the coupon code ALL4 after adding the four mini-units to your shopping cart. You can click here to see the four units available: Harmony Fine Arts Mini Units.

Vermeer Artist Study @harmonyfinearts

Vermeer and Haydn Mini Unit: Nine weeks of plans, 16 notebooking pages, coloring pages, and internet links.

Degas and Prokofiev button

Degas and Prokofiev Mini Unit: Complete plans with internet links, notebooking pages, and coloring pages.

Van Gogh and Handel Button

Van Gogh and Handel Mini Unit: Detailed plans with internet links for viewing art and listening to music, notebooking pages, and coloring pages.

Clouds and Art

Clouds in Art Mini Unit: Plans for viewing and discussing 7 different paintings, includes notebook pages.

These mini units are a super easy way to fit a single artist or single composer into your homeschooling plans. Or, maybe you want to get your feet wet with a simple plan for art and music appreciation. These units are just what you need to have a complete plan ready for you to open and get started. The plans include art prints to view and notebooking pages to download and use.

Don’t wait! This promotion will only be good until 8/22/18!

Harmony Fine Arts Purchase Now button

Get started this year with art and music appreciation in your family!


Every Thursday during the month of August, I’ll be posting a special offer, a free printable, or a giveaway opportunity! August for homeschooling families can be a last flurry of planning and I thought this might be a fun way to anticipate a September start of the school year. Make sure you are subscribed to my email list so you don’t miss a single one of the August promotions!

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