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Most of us are not confident art teachers and when you homeschool you realize how important it is to have great resources to fill in where you are lacking. We used the book, Draw Real Animals by Lee Hammond to provide step by step lessons in drawing life-like animals. My sons both worked through this book as part of a term’s art skills plan and they created amazingly good art for their ages. I know many of you are on the lookout for a good drawing tutorial book for your art resource library. I highly recommend this particular one. You can see a few more of my suggestions at the bottom of this post.

Draw Real Animals 1

I loved the way the book helped them learn to see how drawing animals is easier when you start by seeing the shapes.

Draw Real Animals 2

They simply used pencils and paper along with the book to learn how to shade and show fur texture.

Draw Real Animals 3

This bear was done by my son when he was 11 years old.

Draw Real Animals 4

Here is another look at another lesson from the Draw Real Animals book. I love how the different noses turned out.

Draw Real Animals 5

Looking back on these drawings I can see my sons’ emerging style of drawing. Even though they use the book as a model and try to copy what they see, there is still an individuality that shines through.

In my opinion, learning to draw is a process that is helped along the way by lessons that show how to achieve a desired result. This book that we purchased way back in 2006 has served our family well.

We highly recommend it for your family if you have a child that wants to learn to draw real animals.


Other Drawing Resources You May Wish to Use

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Please note these are Amazon affiliate links to products I have used and love!

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