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Classical Music Start-Up Kit

Learn About Composers the Easy Way

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Classical Music Start Up Kit from Naxos @harmonyfinearts

Harmony Fine Arts for high school includes the use of the Classical Music Start-Up Kit Volumes 1 and 2. This is a resource all homeschooling families should have on their library shelf for a quick and painless music appreciation and music history lesson.

The CD case says, “Everything you need to introduce you to the world of classical music.” I completely agree that these CDs and the accompanying booklet (tucked into the CD cover) are a valuable set of CDs to own and use over and over again.

Here’s what I wrote in my original post about the Classical Music Start-Up Kit back in 2006!

“They call it a kit but really it’s just a CD with a booklet instruction manual. You can just listen and enjoy the selections or you can pull out the booklet and read about the composer, the time period, and the music itself. I had my boys listen to the CD several times and then we went back and read a bit about what we were listening to after they had some exposure to the music.

We listen to the music in the car while we’re driving to our appointments or classes. I put the music on when they’re working on art projects. I listen to the music during the day while I work on the computer. You’d be surprised at how many times you can find to listen to one or two of the selections each day.”

I just noticed that both of these CDs are now available as part of Amazon Prime and Amazon’s Unlimited Streaming Plan.

Harmony Fine Arts High School Music Appreciation Plans are Free to Download.

High School art and music

The plans for Harmony Fine Arts high school art and music appreciation are some of the most popular plans I offer in my store. You may wish to take a look at them as a flexible plan to use with your older students for a quick music appreciation/history course.

You can click over to the high school plan page on my website to see the resources needed for Harmony Fine Arts high school music plans: Harmony Fine Arts High School.

Please note that I am an Amazon affiliate and receive a small commission. I purchased my own copies of these resources and highly recommend them after using them personally with my own children.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits do you give for Harmony Fine Arts music appreciation plans?

My answer: As far as credits, you will need to decide by the time spent completing the plans to know how to allocate high school credit. Normally, I suggest giving one complete credit for completion of all 4 years of the art plans and one complete credit for completion of all 4 years of the music appreciation. But, how to count the credit depends on the state you live in and their requirements.

Do you have younger children?

Would you like to read in more detail my thoughts on owning and using these CDs with younger children? I wrote a more thorough review back in 2009 for the Curriculum Choice. You can click over and read it there: Classical Music Start-Up Kit on Curriculum Choice.



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