Harmony Fine Arts – Updated Links

The plans for HFA were written so families could use the very best resources for art and music, including online internet links. This creates the task of making sure those online links to my preferred resources are still working by actually checking the links periodically.
Harmony Fine Arts Broken Links Updates @harmonyfinearts
When we check those links, if we find a broken one, we attempt to restore it or replace it with a working link.

Check Your Account for Updated Files!

A fresh edition is created and posted to customers accounts. If you have an account on HFA and have made a purchase, you can access the updated version in your account.
Or, if you prefer, I create a PDF listing only the updates and then post that file under the “Updates” tab at the top of the website. Click Updates, scroll down to the grade desired, and then click and save the document.
Grade 1
We just recently updated HFA grade 1 plans so check your account for the new version.
Harmony Fine Arts Broken Links Updates @harmonyfinearts
For future reference, you can find the answer to this question under the FAQ section here on HFA.

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