Picture Study Help – Create a Viewfinder

Picture Study Using a Viewfinder @HarmonyFineArtsAre you looking for a fresh way to look at a painting and then narrate what you see either in words or in a sketch? Then I invite you to read about a simple tool we used in our family to focus on parts of famous paintings without being overwhelmed.



Simply cut a rectangle in a piece of cardstock or in an index card to create a little “window” for placing over a print of a painting.

Isolating a section at a time helps you really “see” what is there by creating a window using the viewfinder. You’ll be surprised how much more detailed your picture study narrations will be after using the viewfinder to look at a painting.


My boys were very young when we started using viewfinders to help them sketch little bits of a painting.

More information can be found in the original blog post: Picture Study Tip – Using a Viewfinder.


We used postcard size prints for much of our picture study. These usually come in sets and are reasonably priced. I found the Dover Publications cards to be durable and able to stand up to many small hands using them over time.

The above link to Amazon is an affiliate link to an example of the art cards we used in our family.

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