Harmony Art Mom-May 2019

Harmony Art Mom- Just Breathe

Home is a wonderful place. We’ve spent so much time going back and forth to California that just being back in my own home with my normal routine has been so refreshing. I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.

The weather has cooperated allowing us to get outdoors to hike and to work in the garden. With my healthy hips making it easier for me to get around, I’m thoroughly enjoying my freedom to do things for myself again. It’s been a long time!

Mom Time

barb mccoy and amanda

My daughter was out for a five day visit and we fit in a lot of girl time. We hiked together, did crafts, got pedicures, and met up with my sister and niece for lunch. It’s always so much fun when she’s able to come back home but it goes by too fast! I’m already looking forward to her next visit in July….the tickets are all purchased!

mccoy may 2019

My 3 boys are always coming and going at our home. I enjoy every minute of it and try to appreciate that they still want to see their crazy old mom.

kayak may 2019

Last week we took a paddle down the river together. I love the way we all have similar interests and enjoy each other’s company. It made my heart happy when my middle son sent me lots of photos as he was vacationing in Alaska. He brought me home a rock he collected. Love it!

Me Time

I was in the mood for some spring cleaning so I organized cupboards and sorted winter clothes before boxing them up for the season… I washed windows and dusted knick knacks. Starting fresh just seemed like the way to go.


dave and dogs fall river

There were papers to shred and photos to print. I find such solace in being organized and even for a minute to feel like I’m in control of things. There have been way too many months of not being in control and feeling like at any moment we would need to react to someone else’s needs. My husband and I have actually started to make a list of summer things we want to do and places we want to go. I pray that we’ll be able to have a few months of summer to take in all the amazing things about living in Central Oregon during June and July.

Harmony Art Mom

Next time I’ll share some of our projects we’re doing here at the house…creatively using materials we have gleaned from the yard, gathered from friends and family, and purchased locally. Stretching our retirement budget is something I’m just starting to get the hang of after 2 years of living here.

sierra and kona

I don’t think I’ve shared much about our new Labrador, so that will be on my list for next time too. I forgot how much having a puppy is like having a new child. There is so much training to do, but lots of rewards that go along with it.

If you want to see what we’ve been up to during our time outdoors, you can read this month’s Outdoor Mom post over on my other blog, Handbook of Nature Study.




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