Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 – Revised Second Edition


Now Available for Purchase!

I have been working behind the scene to create a completely revised and reformatted Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 plan. This revision is a revamp of the original plan to eliminate the resources that were no longer available or too expensive and to add some more online options for learning that have become available since I first created the plans many years ago.


*I have updated the links for picture study and added additional suggestions in Option 2 so that they are more cohesive and connected to Option 1 for the the families that want to complete both Options at the same time.

*You will be pleased to see that the materials list is much shorter and contains only the items you MUST have to use the program.

*All three options for art appreciation are now on one landscape oriented page for easier use and comparison.

*All music listening suggestions are now linked to YouTube videos so there is no need to purchase any CDs.

*I have added 3 new coloring pages to the plans for you to use.

*I have included more YouTube links to supplement your picture study and art appreciation.

*Download a sample of the new format here: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Revised Plans Sample

I am super excited to release these newly revised plans to you at this time!


Please note: If you have purchased Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 plans in the past, you should be able to access the new plans right in your own account. Make sure to log in and look for them! If you don’t see the plans in your account or you have exceeded your download limit, please email me and I will make sure to manually add them for you at no additional cost.

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The newly revised Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 plans are also available as part of the Grades 1-4 bundle. Get all four grades at the discounted price of $59.95.



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