Sketch Tuesday -Final Slideshow of the Year


Thank you to all of the Sketch Tuesday families for their participation during this past year. You really are the ones that deserve a round of applause for helping your children to make sketching a part of their homeschool week. I appreciate your support.

This is the last slideshow of the year. I am planning on being back after the first of the year if I am able to do so. I have so many family responsibilities right now since taking on the care of my mother in law. Hopefully things settle down a bit and I can once again turn my creative energy to serving your homeschool families through Sketch Tuesday and Harmony Fine Arts. We are still working on a plan to revitalize the website after the big crash last month.

In the meantime, enjoy this week’s slideshow!


Link to this week’s slideshow on Flickr:

Sketch a snowy day.

Snow Day 7

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