Classical Music Start-Up Kit-Review

Classical Music Start Up Kit from Naxos @harmonyfinearts

Updated: 8/6/09
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Classical Music Start-Up Kit

I have been listening to classical music for quite some time but I have many friends that say that it is not their cup of tea so they don’t expose themselves or their children to the variety and sound of classical music. It sometimes takes a few times through a particular composer to get the feel for his music.

I found the perfect CD set to introduce your family to the general overview of classical music. It is called The Classical Music Start-Up Kit volumes one and two. The first CD covers the years 1500-1825 and the second volume covers 1825-1945.

They call it a kit but really it is just a CD with a booklet “instruction manual”. You can just listen and enjoy the selections or you can pull out the booklet and read about the composer, the time period, and the music itself. I had my boys listen to the CD several times and then we went back and read a bit about what we were listening to after they had some exposure to the music.

We listen to the music in the car while we are driving to our appointments or classes. I put the music on when they are working on art projects. I listen to the music during the day while I work on the computer. You would be surprised at how many times you can find to listen to one or two of the selections each day.

You can click the link to below and there you can actually listen to samples of the music from each CD. I highly recommend these CDs as a reasonably priced introduction to classical music.

Please note these CDs are used in the Harmony Fine Arts High School Music Appreciation plans.

Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad

Draw Squad @harmonyfinearts

Learning to draw can be an adventure. For my boys it has always been about making things look real…at least since about age 8. The want realistic cars, planes, houses, animals. They want results!

I was introduced to Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad many years ago when my oldest son, now 18, wanted to learn to draw in 3-D. Take a look at his website and get a feel for how he teaches drawing. There are many art lessons for free to have your child give a try. If you are in an area where he is teaching a summer art camp, I highly recommend them. My two sons attending two summers ago and they had a blast and so did everyone else that attended. Mark Kistler is very entertaining and has a lot to offer children of all ages. He encouraged the parents to stay and draw with their children and I enjoyed the chance to play with 3-D.

I would highly recommend Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad to anyone interested in a fun and easy way to learn step-by-step how to learn to draw in 3-D. He also teaches all the common art elements such as shadow, shading, and density.

A’s Drawing with 3-D
B’s Drawing with 3-D
Mom’s Drawing in 3-D

Drawing and sketching are such important skills for everyone. It is never too late to give it a try. I took my first drawing class at age 39 and I regret not doing it sooner. Your children will use these skills for the rest of their lives. I found with my children that at around age 8 or 9 they wanted to draw things more realistically. I think this book helped them to get past stick figure drawing and sparked their interest in learning to draw even better.

If you have any doubt about the influence of Mark Kistler’s books on a young artist, you need to just look at these drawings my son made last week when he was down with the flu.

How about this one?

We have been through Kistler’s book Draw Squad several times and it has greatly increased our family’s ability to see in things and then draw them. My son enjoys creating his own little worlds with his drawings and there is always plenty of humor.
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