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Mary Cassatt Study and HFA Thursday Promo #4 Giveaway!


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Mary Cassatt Artist Study – Links and Resources

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From Our Archives – 2007

This is the month for viewing Mary Cassatt‘s paintings in our house. As usual, I made our computer’s wallpaper one of her paintings and the boys are taking turns telling me about it.

New Link: Mary Cassatt biography video on YouTube.

We read Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artist: Mary Cassatt and had to chuckle at several of the pages. I know these books are not meant to be serious and the boys find them a great way to be introduced to a new painter. I followed up the reading of the book with viewing her artwork online, turning a rainy afternoon into a very enjoyable experience.

Mary Cassatt coloring page Dover Publications 1

The boys decided they wanted to try some sort of activity to follow up their online gallery viewing and I just happened to have Color Your Own Mary Cassatt from Dover Publications. This is such a great coloring book for colored pencils or watercolors if you pull the page out and work at a table.

Here are some paintings for you to get started in your study of this enjoyable artist.

Click the links!

The Bath (La Toilette), 1891
Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, 1878
The Boating Party, 1893-94
Two Children at the Seashore, 1884

I hope you can take a few minutes this month to share this special woman impressionist painter with your children. She has a fond spot in my heart, made by the subjects of her paintings; mothers and children are something I hold dear.

Note: There are affiliate links in this post to books and resources I own and have used in my family for many years.


Harmony Fine Arts

Thursday Promotion #4 Mary Cassatt Coloring Book Giveaway!

Would you like to enter for a chance to win the Mary Cassatt Coloring Book from Dover Publications AND a set of colored pencils too?

Use the link to the Rafflecopter gadget below to enter before 8/26/18. I will randomly choose a winner to receive these resources for a fun study of Mary Cassatt!

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More Mary Cassatt Study with Harmony Fine Arts

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Art and Music Plans @harmonyfinearts.orgharmony Fine Arts Cover grade 8

Mary Cassatt is an artist that is studied in depth during Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 and Grade 8. You may wish to take a look at purchasing one of those years if you want to learn more about Mary Cassatt with your family.

Grade 1 Link to Example and Link to Sample

Grade 8 Link to Example and Link to Sample

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Get started this year with art and music appreciation in your family!

Mary Cassatt coloring page Dover Publications 2

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Dover’s Art Masterpieces to Color – Review and Suggestions

Art Masterpieces to Color review button

Should you use coloring books as part of your art appreciation and artist study?

The debate still goes on about coloring books and art appreciation. In our family they have been a valuable tool that is a supplement and enhancement to our art time (read my views in full in this post: Harmony Art Mom-My View on Art Appreciation using Dover Coloring Books). I expressed my personal view of coloring books several years ago and I haven’t changed my mind. They are something our family enjoys using as a follow-up to our artist study.
Art Masterpieces to Color: 60 Great Paintings from Botticelli to Picasso 
(Dover Art Coloring Book)

This post though is about a particular Dover coloring book that has been the centerpiece of our art appreciation over the years. In fact, we have owned several copies of this coloring book as each child works their way through the Harmony Fine Arts plans for art appreciation. Please note that there are affiliate links in this post.

Details of Note About This Coloring Book:

Art Masterpieces to Color review (1)
Markers do not bleed through the thick paper.
    • Use with a variety of media – markers, colored pencils, and even watercolors
Art Masterpieces to Color review (3)
Small illustrations in color for each painting in the book make it easy.
    • Thick paper – not quite cardstock but still very thick
    • Every painting is illustrated in color on the inside and back covers for reference
Art Masterpieces to Color review (6)
We are looking forward to a Modigliani study next year.
    • The coloring book includes short notes on each artist and painting in the back index
Art Masterpieces to Color review (4)
Each artist and painting has notes in the index.
  • I think there is a good variety of painters represented
  • 60 paintings!
  • Some nudity – Less than 10 paintings include some nudity (easily removed if you wish)
  • $8.95 on (eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion)
  • Used in Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 plans in Option 3   

Our family gives this particular Dover Coloring Book a huge thumbs up. I encourage you to get your family a copy to have on hand as a reference and as a way to follow-up to your art appreciation. Further ideas can be gleaned from my Dover Coloring Book on my HubPages. 

Edgar Degas Giveaway Winner Announcement

Edgar Degas Coloring Page

Last week I announced a giveaway for Color Your Own Degas Painting and a set of markers. There were 37 entries and my son helped pick a winner.

The winner is Jennifer Gregory Miller.

Congratulations and please email me with your mailing address so I can get your book and markers out to you in the mail this week.

Also, sending a big thank you to all who participated.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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