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Google Art Project Part 2 Museum View

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Google Art Project is a wonderful tool for families wanting to share great art with their children…or just for their own enjoyment and education. I posted a few ideas back in November in Part 1 (Using Google Art Project for Artist Study) of this series and now I am ready to post Part 2 with a new idea for you to try.

Google Art Project is the product of great museums around the world sharing their artwork with all of us. The main framework for the Google Art Project is the collection from each museum. You could use this framework to one by one “visit” each museum over a period of time, browsing the images like you would if you actually visited the museum in person.

Google Art Project Museum View

Using Google Art Project for Picture Study – Museum View

Museum Information Details and Map

  • Click “Details” next to the museum’s name at the top and this will give you information about the museum itself.
  • Now is the exciting part! Click the person icon next to the Details button and you will get a “street view” of the museum where you can actually move from room to room as if you were there in real life! It takes a bit of practice but you can move around the collections available for viewing using the arrow keys on the screen and then zoom in on paintings.

Museum Stree View

  • If you want to explore a specific painting, click the “Details” button and you can zoom in close enough to actually see the individual brushstrokes. Again, if you hit the little person icon, it will tell you where it is in the museum (floor and room) and you can view it actually hanging on the wall. I always love looking at the frames and then noting how large the painting is in real life. You can then see what is hanging to the left and right of the painting to give you a little more of the feel of actually being at the museum in person.

Painting and Really Close Up

  • One last idea for you to try while working within a specific museum. Do you know where the museum is located in the world? Google Art Project makes it easy to discover this out. When you click on the museum’s details, there is a Google map that you can zoom out and see where it is found…along with a link to the museum’s website for additional information if you actually want to go there sometime in person.

Have fun trying out the various features of Google Art Project! It has so much potential and will give your artist study some real life..perhaps even lead to a goal to visit one of the museums in person and see a painting you have viewed with Google Art Project!

Have you used Google Art Project yet in your artist study?

You can read part one of this series:

Using Google Art Project For Artist Study
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Using Google Art Project for Artist Study and More- Part 1

Introductory Video to Google Art Project 

Google Art Project is a marvelous and rich source for viewing and learning more about great art.

Ways to Use Google Art Project: Part 1

1. Prepare for a visit to a particular museum (example of going to the Met).
Go to Google Art Project
Go to Collections.
Go to Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Pick a piece of art to view.
Click Museum View (little person icon).
Click Details for more information.
Now you know where the piece is exactly in the museum and you can plan on viewing it during your visit.
Make a list of artwork you would like to see…sort of like an art scavenger hunt.

2. Research an artist.
Go to artists or search by their last name (example of Renoir).
Go to their gallery.
Click the image of the painting you wish to view.
Click Details for more information about the painting.
Add paintings you want to a gallery (see below).

3. Create a gallery for an artist or time period.

  • Search for a painting or artist by name.
  • Click the button on the left sidebar to “Add to a Gallery”.
  • Create your own private or public gallery (example of my Renoir).
  • Add descriptions for the gallery and for the painting.

Of course, these are just a few of the ideas you can use to get started with Google Art Project. I am just beginning to see the potential value of keeping up galleries for my own use. Besides being a practical tool, it is just fun to browse a museum or artist and find something new to love.

Hope this helps you get started!

I would love to see your galleries…send me a link!

You can read the second part to this series here:

Google Art Project Part 2 Museum View.

Please visit and share with us at the CM blog carnival! We'd love to have you!
I am submitting this entry to the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival and if you have any entries you would like to submit, you can send them to this email address: [email protected]. The official blog carnival site is not working so you will need to send them directly to this email.

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