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Remembering Our Visit to the MET in NYC

Remembering Our Visit to the MET in NYC

Gauguin at the MET

A few weeks ago, my grown up daughter Amanda who lives in New York, made a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. She had visitors from California who wanted her to play tour guide and the MET was on their list of places to visit. The visitors paid for an official tour but Amanda wanted to browse the museum all on her own.  She enjoyed three glorious hours wandering by herself through the galleries. Afterwards, she sent me some images and her comments reminded me of my visit to the MET a few years ago with my boys.

She felt that many of the paintings were her “old friends” since we had studied them in the past as part of our art appreciation. She actually felt a connection with several of the paintings and marveled as I did that seeing paintings in person had such an emotional impact on her.


I shared our experiences at the MET in this entry: Metropolitan Museum of Art – Harmony Art Mom’s Visit.

Here’s what I wrote in that entry about seeing a particular painting by Renoir:

“Renoir’s brushes painted this painting. He stood right where I was standing to create this artwork, capturing a moment in time for me to enjoy over a hundred years later. How awesome is that?”

I invite you to click over and read the entire entry…so many great thoughts to encourage you to visit the MET.

Art appreciation is something our family has enjoyed for many years together. It has created a bond and mutual respect and awe for many artists and styles of art. We didn’t do anything extraordinary to make this happen; just by taking a few minutes on a regular basis to view a piece of artwork, we were able to grow a love of great art.

Favorite Klimt

My daughter sent me a postcard from the MET of one of my favorite paintings…which just happened to be her favorite of the day. Here is a bit of what she wrote on the postcard:

“I bought this postcard to send to you before we talked and you said it was your favorite Klimt….I kept wishing all day you were here with me. Thank you for teaching me about the great artists. I love that I can recognize different painters’ styles from across the gallery.”


You may also be interested in reading this entry:

Tips for a Family Visit to the Art Museum

Harmony Fine Arts What is in each plan

I would love for you to consider using Harmony Fine Arts plans in your family to create a love of great art and music. The plans are flexible and can be used by multiple ages all together in a matter of minutes per week. Each grade gives you specific artists and composers to study by giving you links and resources in a simple format. You really can just open the plans, click, and view/listen. You can download sample weeks and see the plans in action by visiting the Harmony Fine Arts store and clicking the particular grade you are interested in using. Make sure to click the “more information” link found on each product link for more details about each year plan.

Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1 thru 8 Button




Harmony Art Mom’s Favorite Three – Spring Edition

Three Favorites from Harmony Art Mom @harmonyfinearts

Spring normally is a favorite season here in Northern California. The hills turn green with the spring grasses, the poppies and dogwoods bloom in bursts of color, and the air is so warm and inviting. We take more hikes in the springtime than any other season.

This year I have experienced springtime from a different perspective. Three of my children are living in New York state and have experienced a very long cold winter. Spring for them has been like coming out of hibernation. When they write or call, I feel the joy at the warmer temperatures, the shedding of layers of clothing in exchange for sunglasses and sandals.

This time I will be sharing three of my favorite spring things for 2015.


The DeYoung Museum in San Francisco currently is hosting the Botticelli to Braque: Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland exhibit. This looks like an amazing collection of artwork and I am hoping to visit and enjoy these paintings while I have the opportunity. My daughter and I visited the DeYoung last spring before she moved and it is a wonderful memory that I cherish.

This exhibit will be at the DeYoung until 5/31/15.

Renees Garden Seeds

Renee’s Garden Seeds!

Gardening during a drought can be a challenge but I am determined to have a few things growing this year. We have converted our back deck containers to a drip irrigation system that will allow us to water with far less water than ever before. I have planted seeds and nurtured the plants back to life from last year. There will color and edibles. I love Renee’s Garden seeds and this year’s selections were all picked with our water situation in mind. The more thirsty vegetables have been planted over in my dad’s garden where he waters with well and spring water.


Spending Time With My Sister

My third “favorite” thing this month was spending time with my sister on a scrapbooking retreat. We just so happened to be together on National Sibling Day so we commemorated the occasion with a photo of the two of us. I not only had fun catching up with my sister and niece, I created 44 scrapbook pages! I love it when I get all of those special memories safely in my scrapbook. My sister has a Cricut machine for cutting shapes and sayings and after I got the hang of it I was able to create some great embellishments to my pages.

This was a great month and I always look forward to sharing my favorites with you. This coming month is going to be a busy time for our family but I will try to take a few minutes each day to count my blessings.

Any favorites you want to share with me?

Intimate Impressionism Exhibit – Wow!

Intimate Impressionism Legion of Honor @harmonyfinearts

The big day finally came and we set off for San Francisco to experience the Intimate Impressionism exhibit at the Legion of Honor. Not only was the weather perfect for a visit to San Francisco, but we were joined by my sister, my niece, and my grand-niece which made the day even more special. Sharing the paintings and hearing how everyone felt about each one was so very interesting.

It was also exciting that this whole exhibit is on loan from the National Gallery of Art, a place I would dearly love to visit in person someday. For now, getting to glimpse all of these paintings in San Francisco was a treat!

The exhibition will be at the Legion of Honor until August 3, 2014 so you have plenty of time to plan a trip if you are anywhere near the area over the next few months.

Colorful Impressionism

We seemed to be drawn to colorful paintings that told a story.

Impressionist sky

The sky was featured in so many different ways throughout the exhibit…each of use had a “favorite” sky. This painting is now my desktop background (found it on Wikipaintings).

Van Gogh

We all really appreciated the colors in the Van Gogh (Bulb Fields) featured in the exhibit. It is a painting you could easily stand and look at for a few minutes.

All too fast we made it through the whole exhibition, feeling refreshed and eager to share all our favorites.

We had a much needed break and snack in the cafe and then we were off to explore more of the museum.

Monet at Legion of Honor

My sister and I paused in front of the big Monet, taking in the beauty of the painting. It is an old favorite of mine that lives at the Legion of Honor.

Legion of Honor

My daughter snapped a few images of her favorite paintings from the day. This one is amazingly beautiful in real life…the color, the textures, the pose, the background. The green is a shade that is so restful…

April 2014 San Francisco Impressionism (13)

I really liked this Henri Matisse that had so much life even though it is just a cup and saucer.

Visiting this collection of artwork was amazing…I recognized all of the artists that we prepared in the Intimate Impressionism series here on this blog. There is something special about seeing a painting up close, seeing the brushstrokes, taking in the colors and feel of the painting.

Amazing? Incredible? Magical?

Yes, and even more so. I wish you all could have been along with us.



Intimate Impressionism from @harmonyfineartsIf you are interested in studying a bit more about the artists included in this exhibit, you can follow my series below which includes links, resources, and free printable notebook pages.

Here is the schedule of artists planned in this series:

Week 1: Edgar Degas

Week 2: Claude Monet

Week 3: Paul Gauguin

Week 4: Pierre August Renoir

Week 5: Berthe Morisot

Week 6: Camille Pissarro

Week 7: Alfred Sisley

Week 8: Paul Cezanne

Week 9: Edouard Manet

Week 10: Edouard Vuillard


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