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Jan Vermeer

Links to a Vermeer biography:

Links to some of his paintings:

1. Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665/66
2. The Music Lesson, 1662-65
3. The Milkmaid, 1658-60
4. The Geographer, 1668/69

More places to view Vermeer’s work: Vermeer on WikiPaintings

Tips for Viewing Vermeer’s Artwork

You can right click on the image and copy it to your desktop to print it out. In most cases it is permissible to download one copy for study purposes. You can print out the pieces you really like, slip them in page protectors, and then keep them in a binder to review as the year goes on.

You can also make the painting your computer’s wallpaper background and view it for a week. You can do this by right clicking on the image and then choosing to set the image as your desktop wallpaper.

Steps for General Picture Study

1. Choose the painting to be viewed.
2. Have the child sit quietly and just look at the painting.
3. After a time of looking, hide the painting from view and ask your child to tell you what he remembers about the painting. (Charlotte Mason calls this narration.)
4. That is it. It is as simple as that.
5. To extend the activity for older students, you may have them sketch the painting from memory. You can also have the child write a review of the painting for thier notebook. My boys enjoyed Jan Vermeer’s artwork so we printed the paintings out and they put them into their art binders. I am going to put together another set of images to view later in the year for them.

Additional Ideas for Beginners

For a less Charlotte Mason approach you can prompt your child with the following questions if they are having trouble discussing the painting.

  • What colors do you see?
  • What objects can you see in the painting?
  • What is going on in the artwork?
  • Is the work of art true-to-life?
  • What ideas or emotions do you think this work is trying to express?
  • Do you like this piece of art and why or why not?
  • Do you like this artwork more now than you did when you first saw it?

Note this is an affiliate link to a book I own and love.

You can check your local public library for a copy of this book to share with your children if you want to go more in-depth in your Vermeer study.


If you are wanting even more time studying this important painter, you can use the Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 plans which include a six week study of Vermeer. Click the button below to see the Grade 7 plans and a sample to download.

Grade 7

In addition, I have a complete Harmony Fine Arts Mini Unit dedicated to the study of Vermeer. This unit study covers nine weeks of study along with many printable activities and notebooking pages created to help you and your family learn more about Vermeer. You can click the button below to read more details and to download a sample. The price is less than a fancy cup of coffee at $3.95!

Vermeer Haydn Cover Button 2

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