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Drawing With Children Markers and Free Lesson Plans!

Drawing with Children – Marker Preferences and Free Lesson Plans!


I receive many questions about my preferences for art supplies: Which brand? What size set? Where to buy them for an affordable price?

Many times these questions are asking me about my suggestions for markers to use with the learn to draw book, Drawing With Children by Mona Brookes.

Please note this entry includes affiliate links to products I use and highly recommend!

My short answer is that if you can afford to purchase a set of Prismacolor double-ended markers you won’t be disappointed.

Prismacolor markers are expensive but this is one area where the up-front cost is worth it. You will buy these once. The tips on these markers are great and with the double-ended design you can pick a thick or a thin line to start with. One warning about these markers: They will bleed through most paper so you want to make sure you have a scratch piece of paper under your artwork.

PrismaColor Markers

Note: You will need to train your children to put the caps back onto these markers securely or they will dry out rather fast. You will need to be vigilant about checking the caps when you put them away after your art lesson.

I’m giving you a link to a rather large set but you can purchase smaller sets at your local art supply store. I buy my Prismacolor markers at Michael’s and you can purchase individual colors as you need to replace markers from the set.

I also have one son who actually prefers to use Crayola markers for his artwork. I’ve given you links to the two sets we use the most in our house. These are a great marker and I actually still use these in my own drawing and art projects.

Crayola Super Tips Markers




Are you interested in using the Drawing With Children book alongside your nature journaling? I have created a complete series of lesson plans to go along with this book that you can download for free! You will need to click over to the first lesson and scroll down for the download.

Drawing With Children – Nature Journal Style  Lesson Plans





Cover Grade 4

Please note that Drawing With Children is part of the Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 Curriculum. You can click over to read more about this art and music appreciation plan here:

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 – Explanation

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 – Sample

The plans in Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 relate the lessons to a study of great art and artists. Please see page 9 in the sample linked above to get an idea how I do this in the plans.



Art Supplies for Kids graphic

You may wish to read more about my various suggestions for art supplies on my Hub Page: Art Supplies for Kids.


Sketch Tuesday – Klee and Chalk Pastels


Stage Landscape, 1922 by Paul Klee

Sketch Tuesday assignment: Use chalk pastels to create your own Klee inspired artwork.


You can choose to copy any Paul Klee painting or you can use the activity available below to have some fun with chalk pastels and Klee’s style.

Download the printable here:

Chalk Pastel Lesson Plan Klee

Chalk Pastel Lesson Plan Klee

You can view this week’s selection here: Stage Landscape, 1922.

Send in your sketches by July 30, 2018 to have them included in the Sketch Tuesday slideshow.

Note I will be collecting all of July’s Sketch Tuesday assignments and posting them into one big slideshow at the end of the month.


All sketchers are welcome and there is no need to sign up. Send in your sketches in jpg format and mail them to: [email protected] by Monday, July 30, 2018 and I will include them in Tuesday’s slideshow. Complete instructions are found by clicking the Sketch Tuesday tab at

Music Monday on Harmony Fine Arts Join us every Monday for a new musical selection.

This is such a fun piece to listen to while you work on your artwork.

Let me know what you think!

Cowboy Overture by John Williams

Wondering what is going on here for the summer?

Link here to my summer plans for Sketch Tuesday and Music Monday.

Tiffany Art Project Using See The Light! DVD

Tiffany postcard projectLouis Comfort Tiffany was a truly gifted artist, working in beautiful stained glass. His windows and lamps are so full of life and color, creating masterpieces with pieces of colored glass. I wanted to share my love of Tiffany’s work with my homeschool art class so this month our class went a little longer than usual and we feasted on his work and then created our own “stained glass” on paper.

I always feel challenged by my homeschool art students because of the age spread. There is a student in Kindergarten and then my son is just about to graduate from high school…what a task! For this particular lesson, I had the help of a new to me product, See The Light! Tiffany Window DVD lessons.

Tiffany Window Project

I try not to teach to any particular age but just share my passion and get them excited about the artist and his art. This time I gave each student a postcard with a Tiffany stained glass window to examine and enjoy ahead of time. I told them to enjoy the card and be ready to share their window with the class when we got together. They all were thrilled which was surprising to me and even one little boy who was not in the class begged to have a postcard of his own.

On art day they arrived with postcards in hand (well most did, some forgot) and they were ready to share a little of their observations. We compared cards and come up with the common thread of a Tiffany Window…nature!

Tiffany Window Project

We learned a little about Louis Comfort Tiffany from the See The Light! instructional DVD. We followed along with much of the lesson, pausing to work on our own Tiffany windows with pencil and marker. As suggested in the DVD, we each had a silk flower to observe and then create on our paper. This was a lesson in making careful observation as well as sketching…valuable skills for all of us to learn. I received See the Light! Tiffany Window DVD from the publisher as a gift and it was a perfect fit for my little homeschool art group.

See the Light Tiffany Window DVD

There were four segments to the DVD and each one focused on an art element or art skill. We learned about the rule of thirds, balancing our compositions, and how to use markers to blend colors. The DVD was very helpful and stepped the kids through the entire process. Even  the Kinder student was able to create a wonderful piece of artwork. This is most definitely a Christian-based product with references to scripture, reading of scripture, and Bible stories interwoven into the art lesson. There are many other project DVDs available from See the Light and I would suggest you click over and see if there is one you could incorporate into your art plans for next year. They would make a great supplement to any of the Harmony Fine Arts plans.

Here are some of the Tiffany inspired stained glass windows.

Tiffany Window marker project

I had two other projects for them to work on if they finished ahead of time. I had purchased the Tiffany Stained Glass Coloring Book from Dover Publications and gave a few of the pages to the kids to use with markers. I also had contact paper and colored tissue paper for them to create a mini stained glass window by cutting and placing colored shapes between the contact paper.

Tiffany contact paper project

This was another great art class that the students and teacher enjoyed! We even had a few moms stay and complete the Tiffany window project and they were beautiful. This was the last homeschool group art class of the year but we are hoping to have another art show before the month of May is over.


Please note these are affiliate links to I purchased all the products shown below and have not been compensated for this entry.





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