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Summer Art Projects 2016 – Can’t Wait!

Summer is the time to do some projects…it is always nice to have time off but creating a little art together is not only a nice change of pace when the weather is too hot or wet to be outside, but it also gives you an activity that can stimulate further exploring with art materials and ideas. Here are some to get you started.


Kandinsky Circles – Oil Pastel Project

This lesson is actually a Youtube video! Make sure to view the artwork first (here is one to get you started) and then get them started on their own version of Kandinsky’s Circles.


Weaving With Cardboard and Yarn

We had this project in one of our Hearts and Trees kits a few years ago. What an easy and entertaining afternoon project! We used varigated color yarn to make it easy. Create coasters for your family and friends. Use the woven pieces with dolls, nature tables, or playhouses.


Create Some Mondrian LEGO Art

This link has visual ideas and a printable that you may wish to use. Always view some Mondrian color block art first! Then pull out your LEGOS for a fun hands on activity.

Starry Night Ornaments

These are going to take special materials and some patience. Aren’t they gorgeous? I am going to invite some friends over and we are going to make some to hang around the house.Here is the link to the painting to inspire you: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

Send me a photo or leave me a comment if you complete any of the suggested projects with your family. Let me know how it goes!

Sculpting Heads from Model Magic

One of our goals this year was to add in a few sculpting projects for Mr. B as part of his modern art study. I scoured the internet for ideas that I thought would inspire him to take a few chances and have fun at the same time. Sometimes I forget that high schoolers need the chance to stretch and grow when it comes to art and I get stuck planning the same old things over and over. This year I have tried to do better at allowing the opportunity for new directions.

Our first sculpting project was inspired by this Picasso Heads project I found at Do Art! I tried to find a foam head at a reasonable price and was not successful so I had the idea to use Crayola Model Magic to make the head instead. Mr. B has not worked with this product before so it was fun to watch as he got the feel of the texture. That is one thing I like about Mr. B….he is always willing to experiment and try something new.

Finished Sculpture titled, The Bad Hair Day. Love the hair!

I gave him the link to the Picasso Head project and told him that he could adapt the idea to make his own version. He started off thinking about Picasso’s style and in the end he said it sort of changed into a sculpted version of Munch’s, The Scream.

It was a fun project and now he knows what it is like to work with Model Magic. We may planĀ  few more projects this year to finish up our bucket of clay.

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