Intimate Impressionism – Berthe Morisot

Intimate Impressionism from @harmonyfinearts

We are moving right along with my series of artists in preparation for my visit to the Intimate Impressionism exhibit at the Legion of Honor.

I really enjoy learning about female artists, especially those that were a part of the Impressionist movement. The theme of their paintings makes them appealing to me as a mother and lover of children.

Impressed with Berthe Morisot’s The Butterfly Catchers – Nadene at Practical Pages shares a wonderful lesson and printable

More Marvelous Berthe Morisot Art Appreciation – Practical Pages’ excellent art lesson with a free download slideshow of Berthe Morisot’s work

Morisot notebook page intimate impressionists

Pull the painting up on your computer and let your children view it for a few minutes. Follow up with recording the information specified on the notebook page and then color in the image with colored pencils.

Here is a link to the painting: In The Dining Room.


Impressionist Painting Scavenger Hunt Printable

You may wish to print and use this Impressionist Painting Scavenger Hunt activity to use alongside any of your studies included in this series.

Impressionist Scavenger Hunt Printable

Here is the schedule of artists planned in this series:

Week 1: Edgar Degas

Week 2: Claude Monet

Week 3: Paul Gauguin

Week 4: Pierre August Renoir

Week 5: Berthe Morisot

Week 6: Camille Pissarro

Week 7: Alfred Sisley

Week 8: Paul Cezanne

Week 9: Edouard Manet

Week 10: Edouard Vuillard




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