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James Rizzi art projects @harmonyfinearts.org

James Rizzi art was new to us this year and as part of our high school art plans to study modern art, we made good use of many of the online resources found at Deep Space Sparkle for Rizzi. His colorful comic art style was fun to explore using a variety of medium. Mr. B completed several art projects and our homeschool co-op devoted an afternoon to his style as well.

We started off by viewing lots of his art online and with a calendar we have hanging in our family room. The co-op kids seemed to each have a favorite before they even got here (I send a link ahead of time). We were ambitious and tried to complete two projects in our normal art time. Before we got started, I found a YouTube video that shared a bit about Rizzi’s life and his love of New York City. We talked a bit about how this influenced his style and subject matter. I had the materials all ready to go after that and we jumped in.

Three Different Rizzi Art Projects

Rizzi Birds @harmonyfinearts.org

Our first project was Rizzi birds using black oil pastel and then watercolor. No mistaking a Rizzi bird! If you have younger children, this was a great place from them to start with a Rizzi project. The five year old in our co-op class had a blast drawing and painting his Rizzi bird!

Rizzi collaborative art @harmonyfinearts.org

Then we made a collaborative art piece in the Rizzi style….each child adding something to the artwork. It got our creative juices flowing before they attempted their own Rizzi style Skyscraper.

Rizzi skyscrapers @harmonyfinearts.org

Once again we used oil pastel and then watercolor. I loved the way each painting turned out so different even though they were given the same assignment. This really let them put their personality into the piece.

We had all ages in our co-op that day from K to high school and they all enjoyed this art assignment.

Rizzi faces @harmonyfinarts.org

Mr. B did one more Rizzi inspired project…Rizzi Faces. He worked with oil pastels and the color turned out so vibrant. Love it!

I know many of you are hesitant about offering art projects because you don’t feel qualified. I encourage you to give James Rizzi study a try and play alongside your children.

  • Pull up some of his artwork on your computer.
  • Use the ideas from Deep Space Sparkle.
  • Have fun!

For Easy Reference-James Rizzi Lessons:

James Rizzi Birds on Deep Space Sparkle

James Rizzi Skyscrapers on Deep Space Sparkle

James Rizzi Faces on Deep Space Sparkle


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