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Jan Vermeer Artist Study – One of Our Favorites

Vermeer Artist Study @harmonyfinearts

Jan Vermeer – Artist Study

I’m currently updating and improving many of my archived artist posts for you to enjoy. One of the very first artists that I shared here on Harmony Fine Arts was Jan Vermeer. Our family thoroughly enjoys his paintings and that would explain why I’ve shared so much about him and his work throughout our homeschooling years.

Here’s a link to my updated Jan Vermeer Artist Study.

The Geographer Vermeer

Please note that there are currently two ways you can use Harmony Fine Arts to study Jan Vermeer.

  1. Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 Art and Music Appreciation plans: These plans include a six week study of Jan Vermeer with links and resources all planned for you. There are links to videos to watch, additional lesson plans to use, and a custom notebook page. Click the image below to read more about this awesome art and music appreciation plan.
  2. Harmony Fine Arts Vermeer and Haydn Mini Unit: This mini unit has enough material for you to study Jan Vermeer for a nine week period. It includes 11 custom notebooking pages, links for additional resources and lessons, and a complete set of images to print for every painting studied. There’s also a complete nine week study of Joseph Haydn’s music to complete this mini unit. The price isn’t more than a fancy cup of coffee at $3.95.


Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 Sample Collage


Vermeer Haydn Cover Button 2


Chasing Vermeer Art Unit

Chasing Vermeer Literature and Art Ideas @harmonyfinearts


Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett is one of those books that our whole family enjoyed. We have listened to it as a book on tape on a long car journey which is a fun way to pass the time. It is a mystery that involves real paintings by Jan Vermeer, the Dutch artist who lived in the 1600’s.

I was always looking for ways to tie in our artist study with any other subjects like literature and history. This book does the trick so I thought I would share a bit with you and that way you can introduce this rather interesting artist in a way that may appeal to even the most reluctant of students. Here is a link to Amazon if you want to purchase a copy of the book: Chasing Vermeer.  (This is my amazon affiliate link.)

Here are the two main paintings discussed in the book with links.

Lady Writing Vermeer

 A Lady Writing

The Geographer Vermeer

The Geographer

I found this rather well done “book trailer” on YouTube if you want to get a taste of the book before you read it with your children.

Chasing Vermeer Book Trailer

Now for the follow up. If you own my Vermeer mini unit, both of the paintings above are included in the schedule and include notebook pages as well.

Vermeer Haydn Cover Button 2

Vermeer Links:

Essential Vermeer

WikiArt – Vermeer This is a website that many of Vermeer’s paintings that you can view, save, and print since they are in the public domain.



Harmony Fine Arts Mini-Unit: Johannes Vermeer and Joseph Haydn

Vermeer Haydn Cover Button

These easy to use art and music appreciation plans are waiting for your study of Vermeer and Joseph Haydn!

  • Full nine week plans for both art and music appreciation, specific suggestions for each week
  • 40 pages long, including 16 custom notebooking pages
  • 9 full-color large prints for artist study plus 8 mini-prints
  • All links are provided for viewing artwork online, as well as additional study for Vermeer
  • Every painting has a follow-up project: coloring pages, supplies lists, and full instructions provided
  • Listening suggestions provided, many with online listening links, YouTube videos, and follow-up activities for Haydn
  • Suggested additional resources to complement studies, reasonably priced
  • This mini-unit was written so children of all ages can participate in art and music appreciation in your family. Viewing great paintings and listening to Haydn’s music are both appropriate activities for all members of your family.
  • This ebook plan is available for $3.95.

Would you like to see a sample?
HFA Vermeer and Haydn Sample July 2016

Harmony Fine Arts Purchase Now button

I have written the plans in such a way that you don’t need any additional resources if you are on a limited budget. If your circumstances allow, the one resource you might consider purchasing is the CD for listening to Haydn for the nine weeks outlined in the plans.

This mini-unit can be used at any time of the year and is not seasonal in theme. My mini-units are written so you can pick and chose when to study and how to study each artist and composer featured. The plans are flexible enough that you can use them with all ages of children in your family.

The great thing about ebooks is that you purchase once and then you can use them multiple time and they are not consumed. You can print the notebooking pages and prints as many times as you need to for your family.

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