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World Geography Plans – From My Archives

Harmony Art Mom World Geography Plans

I have received quite a bit of email about my free downloadable plans for high school geography. Dropbox has stopped supporting the file so I am now hosting it here on my Harmony Art Mom blog.

These plans were created for my family as explained in the entries below.

Entry with the download link: World Geography Plans Download.

Pretty thorough description found here: World Geography for High Schoolers.

Reading back through these two entries, I realize now how valuable this course was to my children. They learned over the months how interconnected our modern world is and how in their youth they could be wide open to experiencing different cultures through travel and volunteer work.

Since high school graduation my children have traveled to Ireland, Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, and Guyana. My youngest son is currently living in Guyana.

I know that spending a year in high school concentrating on world geography and cultures had a great impact on their choices in their twenties.

I invite you to download the plans and then tweak them to fit your family’s learning style and interests.

Please note that I have not updated all the links in the plans so you may need to do a Google search for the item or find a substitute. They are still very usable and will help you get started with your own high school level geography course.




Make Geography Study More Meaningful

Making Your Geography Study More Meaningful

Five Ways We Made Geography More Meaningful

“But the mother, who knows better, will find a hundred opportunities to teach geography by the way…”Charlotte Mason Volume 1 page 72

1. Don’t just add places to a map as part of a geography project…pick one of those places and research it. Share your work with the whole family.

From my blog on March 1, 2009:

“We just recently made changes to our geography assignments each week. Instead of completing the suggested maps, the boys pick a place from their reading each week and do a little quick research on it to share at our Friday meetings. This week one son picked the Ural Mountains and one picked the Bering Sea. We are learning so much more this way compared to when we were trying to complete whole maps as put into the TOG plans. Following the TOG suggestions were bogging us down. The boys would rather know something interesting about one particular place than a whole lot of nothing about a lot of places.”

2. Use notebook pages for customized learning about a geographical location.

Geography notebook page high school

3. Keep a large world map in plain sight to refer to as often as possible.

Wall map geography plans

4. Include a study of the plants and animals of a country when completing a geography project.

Children are naturally interested in animals from far away places that are different than your local creatures so let them use that as a way to learn about geography and habitats.

Animal High school notebook pages

5. Use geographical references when going places and taking hikes. Your local geography is just as important as learning about places far away.

“The first ideas to learn are that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Just by knowing this he’ll be able to tell in which direction nearby streets and buildings are from his house or the town.” Charlotte Mason Vol. 1 page 74

These are just a few of the many ideas we used during our High School Geography. You can read more in detail with a free downloadable geography curriculum in this post:

Harmony Art Mom’s High School World Geography

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WonderMaps – Five Reasons to Give It a Try

We have started our slow slide back to school and now that August is here I really need to pull everything out and get serious about preparing Mr. B’s courses. He is at the stage in the game where he wants all the cards on the table. He wants to see in his assignment binder all the work that is expected of him along with a schedule to get it done. I never would have dreamed that this child would prefer this style of schooling but he has so many things he wants to do with his time and that means being as efficient with his time as possible.

I can make that happen for him…using some thought, my Homeschool Tracker, and some new tools that I have at my disposal.

One of the new tools that I have in my toolbelt is the WonderMaps program from Bright Ideas Press. I received this mapmaking program as part of a prize package earlier this year and I fell in love with it right away.

Benefit #1: Investment for Multiple Years
My boys have always been very interested in maps and geography over the years and this program would have fit our needs for a long time. It would have been an investment in long term geography study.
Sigh. I will enjoy it this year as much as possible.

Benefit #2 Total Customization
What makes this product so unique is the fact that you can customize your maps. Each map has multiple layers that you can add or subtract to create your finished printable map.

  • Color overlay
  • City, River, and Country names
  • Borders
  • Longitude and latitude lines
  • Topographical information

You can make a master map with all the labels and then remove the country and city names to make a map your child can fill in. We are going to be working on several areas of the world, memorizing the country and capital names so this feature is a bonus and makes following up easy.

World Geography button 
Benefit #3 Works With Whatever Curricula You Are Using
I am loosely using Tapestry of Grace this year and I am finding it easy and convenient to pull up the WonderMaps program and with a few clicks have a map that Mr. B can use for the week’s geography suggestions. I could have used this with any of the curriculum we have used over the years: Ambleside, The Well-Trained Mind, Sonlight, and my own High School Geography Plans. (You may be interested in more details of our high school geography found on my Squidoo lens for Eleventh Grade.)

Benefit #4 Works with Our Notebooking Style of Homeschool
I found that after I make a map that it is beneficial to save a copy to my computer. I have created a file folder for my customized maps and I make sure to name each file with the particular region and other pertinent information.These maps work well in our history, geography, and in our art and music appreciation notebooks. I punch holes in such a way that the map is facing the notebook page for a two page spread.

Benefit #5 Thematic maps make teaching upper level geography so much more interesting.
My son loves the Thematic maps and we have printed every single one listed that pertains to the 20th Century. These are going to be integrated into his history study making the time period full of interesting connections between history and geography. These maps take history up to the next level.

We are just scratching the surface of the WonderMaps potential. I only wish we could have had this product years ago and been using it alongside’s notebook pages.

You may be interested in reading Jimmie’s review of this product along with her wonderful tutorial of a video: WonderMaps for Living Geography.

You may also be interested in reading my entry that shows more of our high school geography: World Geography For High Schoolers.
NOTE: This is not a map I printed from WonderMaps. This is Rand Mcnally World Map (Classic Edition World Wall Map) from  
You can read how we made it into a wall map for our living room in this entry: World Geography.

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