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High School Literature: 12th Grade Using Tapestry of Grace and IEW

As promised, here are the literature books we are going to use this year. I am still adjusting our poetry study for the year so I will share those selections in an up-coming entry.

Mr. B’s 12th Grade Literature

Tapestry of Grace Year 4 Selections:

Excellence in Literature: British Literature

Succeeding on the AP Literature Exam (IEW)

We are actually using the No Fear Shakespeare version of Richard III but I can’t find it on Amazon. I really like the No Fear editions of the classics and Mr. B gleans so much more out of the material when he can see the side by side comparison of language and text.

Curr Choice Button
You can read my complete review of the No Fear Shakespeare series on The Curriculum Choice.

Shakespeare – Something To Think About

Coffee Mug from Dayspring
Don’t you just love my new mug? I love the scripture, the handle, the little bird that is painted on the inside of the cup, and it keeps my Kona coffee so deliciously warm. I received it as part of my prize package for winning the Homeschool Blog Award for Best Nature Study Blog of 2011. My thanks to my readers for voting for me and to Dayspring for the nice gift. 

Now for a little Shakespeare Talk~

When you read some authors you can nibble and taste, but with Shakespeare you need to just dive in and eat the whole thing. Once you start, you need to just keep going….the dialogue at first can seem incomprehensible, your ear doesn’t process the sounds and words as part of the English language. It takes a few pages before your brain snaps into focus and you really do start to understand what is going on.

  • Over the years I have learned that for our family the best way to offer Shakespeare is to listen to audio books read by professional actors (on 
  • When we tackle a new Shakespeare play, hearing the words read correctly helped us to imagine the play being acted out on a stage like it was originally intended. 
  • At least for the first time through a new play, we fire up the audio version, sit with books open, and follow along. 
  • Mr. B pauses the audio when we need to check the modern version for understanding. 
  • The vocabulary in a Shakespeare play can be quite challenging and we enjoy learning a good new word. We look up words we don’t know as we go along.
  • Shakespeare is also good for a few new phrases. We often recognize a saying we use all the time and we were just not aware that it came from Shakespeare. That makes it fun.

Shakespeare has a way of giving you something to think about in a way you never thought of before. Perhaps it is the reason his works have remained so popular through the years. We just finished reading the Merchant of Venice (Mr. B’s turn) and it was full of things to talk about, ponder over, and glean new points of view from. We listened while following along and then we watched scenes on YouTube, my favorites are the ones with Al Pacino as Shylock. (This is a link to YouTube…as always, preview for appropriateness for your family.)
It is my goal to include Shakespeare in our literature study each term.

It is always worth the effort and gives us much to think about.

You may be interested in reading from my archives: Shakespeare for Christians.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Just a Normal Week

Sometimes weeks are like that…they just smoothly pass by with hardly any effort. Well, there was some effort but it was all pointing in one direction which is nice. Moving forward always feels good and like you accomplished something.

History: Ancient History with Tapestry of Grace Year 1 is delightful, especially if you are Bible readers. They help you weave your Bible history and more secular history together. I love it when I can open the plans for the week and tell Mr. B, “Go get out your Bible.” We talked about Rahab (love a good Bible heroine), Jericho, and Joshua this week…not as Bible stories but as history….real history about meaningful people and events that we can learn from and apply in our lives. He did lots of written narration this week using notebook pages. Mr. A is still working on Modern History and is pretty thick into WW2. We watched a speech on YouTube given by FDR and then discussed the role of the media in history.

Literature: Mr. A is reading The Crucible, The Chosen, and Robert Frost’s poetry. Oh, this week we started The Merchant of Venice….what a great bit of Shakespeare! New quotes are being heard around the house so I know it is a hit with the boys too. (“Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.”) Mr. B is reading The Iliad and we are taking the opportunity to talk about conflict. This is a great piece of literature for illustrating various kinds of conflict in a story: man vs. man, man vs. god, man vs. self. I find it easier to just keep chipping away at the literary terms and devices as the years and books go by. It does not need to be overwhelming.

Math: Deep Sigh……I am mighty glad that Mr. A is almost DONE with his math text and that will be the end of our math together. I am worn out.

Chemistry: Another failed demonstration this week, the fault of the materials we used but even in failure we learned a lot. I received two new resources from this week to breathe some life into our chemistry studies. I will share when I get it all pulled together.

NXT Self Parking Car
LEGO NXT – Beginnings of a Self-Parking Car. Stay tuned.

Robotics and Videography and Baking: Robotics is chugging along and hopefully we will have something to share next week. Videography is a longer project on Ancient Egypt. Mr. B is still gathering data and images. Baking last week was popovers (forgot to take a photo) and this week is going to be pretzels using a different recipe than normal.

Creative Writing: We started reading Ray Bradbury’s The Zen in the Art of Writing this week. What a great read! It has delivered far and above my expectations and Mr. B and I had a lively discussion about the section we read. I am feeling a little more confident about what we are doing now and I do promise to share some of the plans when we get a little further down the road. He did some amazing writing again this week so I think we are on the right track.

Metal Hat
Photo Courtesy of Mr. A….Metal Hat with an Element Logo.

Welding Class: This project cracked me up! Mr. A had some free time and used some scrap metal to make this metal hat in class. This child has a great sense of humor and is gaining some skill at welding. I love to watch him be excited about things. 

I have finally kicked the horrible cough I had so we will be outdoors a bit more this coming week. I am hoping to strap on the old snowshoes and take a hike and the boys are itching to slide down the mountain on some white stuff as well.

And so ends another week for our family.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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