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Watercolor Painting Collage Activity – Archive Post

I found this awesome activity from 2010 sitting in my archives, just begging to see the light of day again. So here it comes to your email box this morning as a reminder to pull out your watercolors and have a little fun creating a beautiful painting for your wall.

Here’s a link to the original activity and instructions: Watercolor Painting Collage.

Prang Semi Moist Watercolor set of 16 classic colors

If you really get into water coloring this week, you may wish to take a look at this one too:

Paul Klee Fish – Watercolor and Crayon activity

In addition, I wanted to share a free watercolor lesson plan set. I created it to go along with my Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 plans that you can use as a stand-alone watercolor course.

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 @harmonyfineartsHarmony Fine Arts Grade 7 Watercolor Supplement







Schumann – Rhenish Symphony

I am working on some Harmony Fine Arts updates this week and in the grade seven plans I had to find a replacement for Schumann’s Rhenish Symphony. I forgot what a wonderful piece of music this was!

I think it fits my autumn mood perfectly.

I invite you to enjoy three and half minutes of inspiring mood music….

Schumann Symphony No. 3 – Rhenish (Berliner Philharmonic)

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 Sample Collage

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