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Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1-3 Updated! Plus a Discount Code!

I released the second edition of Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 plans last week and all of you should have received your copy in your account if you’ve previously purchased the Grade 1 plans. Let me know if you can’t access those plans.

Here’s the link to the information about the Second Edition: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Revised Plans.



In addition to the Grade 1 plans, I’ve also updated the links in the Grade 2 and Grade 3 plans. If you’ve purchased those plans in the past, the updated versions should be in your account for downloading as well. I’m trying to keep up with the broken links but it’s a continuous job!

If you’re thinking of purchasing any of the Harmony Fine Arts plans for the upcoming school year, now is the time to purchase with the discount code below. You will receive 25% off your order when you use the code.



Discount Code: summer25discount

Use the discount code for 25% off your order. Please note the code will expire on 8/21/19.

Note that the code will NOT work for bundle orders.

Harmony Fine Arts – Updated Links

The plans for HFA were written so families could use the very best resources for art and music, including online internet links. This creates the task of making sure those online links to my preferred resources are still working by actually checking the links periodically.
Harmony Fine Arts Broken Links Updates @harmonyfinearts
When we check those links, if we find a broken one, we attempt to restore it or replace it with a working link.

Check Your Account for Updated Files!

A fresh edition is created and posted to customers accounts. If you have an account on HFA and have made a purchase, you can access the updated version in your account.
Or, if you prefer, I create a PDF listing only the updates and then post that file under the “Updates” tab at the top of the website. Click Updates, scroll down to the grade desired, and then click and save the document.
Grade 1
We just recently updated HFA grade 1 plans so check your account for the new version.
Harmony Fine Arts Broken Links Updates @harmonyfinearts
For future reference, you can find the answer to this question under the FAQ section here on HFA.

FAQ – High School Music Plans

Harmony Fine Arts Free Printable High School Music Plans @harmonyfineartsWhy are the Harmony Fine Arts high school music plans free? Are they outdated?

Way back in 2008, I made my high school music appreciation plans available as a free download. They are still available in the “high school” section of the Harmony Fine Arts store.  Many families are downloading the plans and having a wonderful experience using them as a way to listen to great composers in an organized way. Each plan gives week by week suggestions for readings in Classical Music Experience, suggestions for listening to related music on CDs or to music online, and links to additional information about the composers and the time periods under study. But, they are not without their faults.  I have been working on updating the major flaws but I will not be totally updating them to reflect the updated edition of the Classical Music experience…see below.

Why are they free?

These simple plans are my gift to you as a thank you to moms and dads that are trying their best to offer more than the usual education to their high school age students. I hope that they help you in even the smallest way to plan a music appreciation course for your student.

Are they outdated?

The spine book has been updated: The Harmony Fine Arts High School Music Appreciation plans use the older edition of the Classical Music Experience book (ISBN 978-1570719509) but you could very easily adapt them to the newer edition (ISBN 978-1402211980). The plans are still usable because each assignment is by composer so by using the table of contents your student can adjust the page numbers with little trouble. I actually like the older edition better because it comes with CDs to listen to while the new edition gives you access to a website to listen to along with the book. It is a matter of personal preference.

I have gone through as of 8/1/15 and replaced any broken links that I could find. Plus, I added in Youtube links for most composers.

High School art and music

Harmony Fine Arts high school music appreciation plans should help your family if you are looking for music appreciation plans at the high school level that can be done independently and with little expense.

Additional Information and Links:

9-11 bundle covers Button @harmonyfinearts

If you are looking for high school art appreciation plans, you can check out the Harmony Fine Arts plans for grades 9-12. Please note that Grade 12 is a free printable download if you want to get a really good look at the format for high school art appreciation.



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