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Art Question Cards- Help With Picture Study

art cards harmony fine arts

Art appreciation that includes picture study is a simple way to let your children enjoy lots of great paintings in a non-threatening way. There are ways of making the experience low stress and enjoyable. The trick is to ask questions about the painting that have no real right or wrong answers.

  • Open ended questions
  • Questions that solicit the child’s opinion
  • Questions that allow for creative answers and imagination
  • Questions that put you and your child on the same level, learning to love art or at least slowing down to think a bit about each piece of art together

I know when I started with picture study with my own children I felt a little awkward trying to draw out their feelings and thoughts about the painting we were focusing on for the week. I learned some tricks to get the discussion going and I would love to share some ideas with you.

Harmony Fine Arts - Printable art cards


Art Cards – Questions to Get a Discussion Going

Use these printable questions to stimulate some discussion. Choose the questions randomly or allow your child to choose which card they want to use.

Suggestions For Using These Art Cards

You can print the questions out on cardstock and cut them apart. I think it would be great to laminate them so you could use them over and over again. I might store them in an envelope in the front of the child’s art binder or you could even hole punch them and put them on a ring to hang on a bulletin board or near your art display if you have one.

Another idea is to give each child a question card to use on an art museum field trip. They could use the card to study more closely a painting they find that catches their interest.

Hope you enjoy some picture study this week!

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Flashback Friday – Harmony Art Mom’s Archives


As you can imagine, I am going through all my homeschooling things and clearing out shelves. I have a treasure trove of projects and schoolwork that I thought I might share with you, hopefully inspiring some ideas for you to use with your children.

My goal is to share two projects a month in a new Flashback Friday post…nothing fancy just an idea and a few images.

Would you like a sample?

Sketch a Narration

Draw a scene from your book instead of writing about it.

Drawing a Book Narration

Written narration wasn’t always easy for my boys so I came up with a few alternative ideas for literature follow-up. After reading a section in a book, they would choose a scene to draw along with a caption. These would be shared and they would then do an oral narration, then filed away in their notebook. I would assign about half written and half drawn narrations during the week.

Eventually they became more comfortable with written narration and would combine both words and drawings for their notebooks. Transitioning to mostly written narration is done gradually and as the child is ready and willing.

Simple and easy is always best.

My Garden Refreshes

Sunflower June garden

How do I refresh my mind on a hot summer day? By taking a stroll through the garden with open eyes and just drinking in the beauty.

Being a mother can give you an endless “to do” list. Moms try to put others first and that can drain you of your creative energy over time. I can remember days that flew by, especially summer days when I was running here and there to activities like library time and swimming at the community pool. We would jump into our air conditioned car and dash into a building or jump into the water. We were forever rushing from place to place.

Deep red day lily

Now that the boys are grown and I have time to myself, our summer days can still slip away and reach the end of the day without having set foot outside if I am not careful. I am trying to get back into the habit of exploring my garden every day, looking for treasures. It is more fun to do this in the early morning but I have forced myself to get out in the afternoon heat even if I don’t feel like it at first. I start the garden hose and water the plants that need some refreshment and that means spilling a bit on my bare toes every now and then. Soon I am enjoying myself and the time is priceless.

Gourd pumpkin garden

I am always rewarded with some colorful or interesting thing growing in the garden beds. This week it was a pumpkin/gourd sort of thing that planted itself in the back box. I have let it grow and now it is producing fruitage. I still am not sure what it is….what a nice surprise!

Hydrangeas in a vase

I slip my small scissors in my pocket as I leave the house just in case I want to cut a few flowers to bring indoors. This time I cut a few daisies, a coneflower, and some hydrangeas. Nothing like a few pretty flowers on the kitchen table to extend the garden time even after you have returned indoors. My husband notices the flowers and it brings him joy after a long day’s work. Each year I try to plant cutting flowers so I can have a steady flow of blooms all summer long.

Mullein in bloom

My front yard mullein is starting to blossom…with a yellow flower so delicate and pretty. I know most consider this a weed but in my book they are a lovely plant with soft leaves and bee/bird attractive flowers. It is staying for now. It makes me happy and as I walk the garden this morning it brings me joy…isn’t that what gardens are for? To nourish our hearts and sometimes our bellies?

Butterfly bush white

Our butterfly bushes are all in blossom…white, lavender, and deep purple flowers this year. I have seen the hummingbirds and bees visiting often which is one reason we planted these in mass. I wanted our yard to be a haven for creatures to enjoy. There is a nighttime critter that is digging in our yard and I think it is either a raccoon, a fox, or an opossum. I hear it at night scuffling around and it gets my imagination going.

I encourage you to find a space that refreshes you, even if it is just a small balcony or deck with a few pots of something pretty growing. It doesn’t take but a few minutes to encourage you at the beginning of a day or to cleanse the day’s worries if you wait until evening. Each time of day has its own charm…

It is a habit worth nurturing.

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