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Flashback Friday – Science Lab Write-Ups


yellowstone geyser basin 2011

Yellowstone National Park 2011

My children all loved science experiments…I found them a pain but because I knew that science was a way to engage their curiosity I made an effort. Although they all loved completing the experiments, they did not like to record their procedures or observations. I gradually increased my expectations as they grew and matured but many times I would give them a choice in writing up their work.

science lab write up narration

My Two Top Choices For Science Write-Ups (4-6 grades)

  • Short paragraph explaining the method of experimentation and a short recap of their observations.
  • Sketches with captions

Science Lab write up narrations (2)

Bonus Science Follow-Up

Then when the opportunity arrives, take them on a field trip to see some of the things they have been doing in their science study up close and personal. We planned parts of our family vacations to go along with their study…Yellowstone National Park is a great follow up to a study of geology, chemistry, and biology.

Another Flashback Friday idea for you to think about and see if it works in your family.

Flashback Friday – Harmony Art Mom’s Archives


As you can imagine, I am going through all my homeschooling things and clearing out shelves. I have a treasure trove of projects and schoolwork that I thought I might share with you, hopefully inspiring some ideas for you to use with your children.

My goal is to share two projects a month in a new Flashback Friday post…nothing fancy just an idea and a few images.

Would you like a sample?

Sketch a Narration

Draw a scene from your book instead of writing about it.

Drawing a Book Narration

Written narration wasn’t always easy for my boys so I came up with a few alternative ideas for literature follow-up. After reading a section in a book, they would choose a scene to draw along with a caption. These would be shared and they would then do an oral narration, then filed away in their notebook. I would assign about half written and half drawn narrations during the week.

Eventually they became more comfortable with written narration and would combine both words and drawings for their notebooks. Transitioning to mostly written narration is done gradually and as the child is ready and willing.

Simple and easy is always best.

5 Charlotte Mason High School Ideas That Worked

5 charlotte mason high school ideas

Building Good Habits

“One last word about habit–the point of training children to have good habits is so that they’ll do things without being nagged or scolded. Then the mother isn’t constantly chasing them down with a barrage of commands and reminders. She can leave them alone to thrive in their own way once habit has secured a boundary for them to grow in.” Volume 1, page 134

The forming of good habits continues through the high school years, leading our children to the place where they self-regulate their actions. In our home, our teens were never rebellious or contrary and I think a lot that was because we didn’t have many “rules” to live by. They were guided and corrected in a way to help them build habits that will last them a lifetime. Children with good habits are a joy to be around. Read more about habits: Building Good Habits in High School and Good Habits for Moms.

Living History

“Let him, on the contrary, linger pleasantly over the history of a single man, a short period, until he thinks the thoughts of that man, is at home in the ways of that period. Though he is reading and thinking of the lifetime of a single man, he is really getting intimately acquainted with the history of a whole nation for a whole age.” Volume 1, page 280

Incorporate as many avenues of reading and learning as possible, using literature, biographies, speeches, and videos to help your child immerse his learning of a particular time period. High school students are capable of reading a lot of material and if you follow up your reading with some form of narration it will stick better and longer. History will come alive. Read more about my thoughts on this: Charlotte Mason Knew the Secret to Learning Relationships.

Shakespeare and Poetry

“To become intimate with Shakespeare in this way is a great enrichment of mind and instruction of conscience. Then, by degrees, as we go on reading this world-teacher, lines of insight and beauty take possession of us, and unconsciously mold our judgments of men and things and of the great issues of life.”

There were times when it seemed like a lot of effort to add in a Shakespeare play every term but afterwards I would realize how much we all enjoyed the experience. The same was true pretty much for poetry as well. Poetry is not an easy topic to cover on your own with high school students and our tastes in poets varied greatly which added an extra element when planning. But, in the end, I look back on our Shakespeare and poetry studies with much warmth because they did add that extra “something” that made each year a little better. My boys still quote Shakespeare from time to time and I know it will be carried with them into their futures…better for having read it while they were young. Read more: Shakespeare and High School Poetry.

Nature Study

I could talk all day about the value of continuing nature study in high school. I hold those times we were outdoors together as cherished memories. My boys have grown in their knowledge of our local plants, trees, birds, reptiles, weather, and so much more. They are comfortable outdoors and seek opportunities to spend time in nature. They appreciate the changes in the season and are skilled at following a map, planning a hike, and growing things. Dirt is not their enemy. You can read more: Nature Study for High School Students.


Last but not least is the skill of narration that is emphasized in a Charlotte Mason education. Narration is never tiring for my boys and if given a choice they will write a quick summary, give an oral account, or create a follow-up project in place of a test any day. Their notebooks are filled with their individual accounts of their learning. These thoughts are their own connections with their reading and research. I can’t think of a better way to learn for my boys. You can read more: Narration in Our High School.

Reflections on a Charlotte Mason High School – read more of my thoughts on high school.

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