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Nature as Refreshment and Inspiration


chocolate daisy renees aug 2015 (1)

“Well, we have been seeing flowers for years-but our children haven’t. Flowers are still new and wonderful to them, and it’s the fault of grown-ups if every new flower they see ceases to delight them.”
Charlotte Mason, volume 1 page 53

sugar Pine Point aug 2015 (38)

“They[children] should be able to describe the shape, size and placements of their leaves and whether the flowers have a single blossom or a head of them.”
Charlotte Mason, volume 1 page 51

Swallowtail on a Lilac

“A child who can’t tell the difference between a thrush, a swallow, a blackbird or a skylark is as sad as those children who had never seen a bee.”
Charlotte Mason, volume 1 page 61

Yosemite July 2015 Daniel Caley and Joseph (19)

“The children must be kept in a good temper if they are to get the most out of the refreshing, strengthening atmosphere of the great outdoors.”
Charlotte Mason, volume 1 page 44


If you have a need for some help in sharing the beauty of nature with your children, join me over on my other blog, Handbook of Nature Study. If you subscribe to the blog, you will get a free monthly newsletter with lots of easy to use ideas and printables to inspire you to get outside with your family on a regular basis.

Handbook of Nature Study Ultimate Naturalist Library

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Homeschool Nature Study – Autumn Nature Study with the OHC

Autumn nature Study continues Ebook Cover 3D

I just finished and published my next ebook over on Handbook of Nature Study! This ebook has been a long time coming and it will start a new seasonal series of nature study based on the Handbook of Nature Study..completely new topics, challenges, resources, notebook pages, and inspiration from our family to yours.

I am super excited to share with you some of the details of this new ebook and how you can join us for another autumn season of exploring your own neighborhood.

Included in the Outdoor Hour Challenge Autumn Nature Study Continues Ebook:
  • 15 challenges centered on the Handbook of Nature Study plus 1 bonus challenge
  • 40+ notebook pages (regular and advanced options) and 15 coloring pages
  • Ten Charlotte Mason style exam questions
  • Full color images for each challenge in the ebook (separate pages so you can choose whether to print them or not)
  • Complete instructions for each challenge included additional links, videos, and resources
  • Nature journal suggestions
  • Complete list of supplies needed
  • Sample to view: OHC Autumn Nature Study Continues Ebook Sample
  • 98 pages!

Here is a list of the specific challenges included in this ebook:

  • Garden Flower – Salvia
  • Weeds – Teasel
  • Weeds – Burdock
  • Reptile Study – Lizards (Geckos and Anoles)
  • Tree Study – Ash
  • Tree Study – Hemlock
  • Tree Study – Witch Hazel
  • Tree Study – Staghorn Sumac
  • Fungus Study – Stinkhorns
  • Fungus Study – Bracket Fungi
  • Mammal Study – Pig
  • Star Study – Casseopeia’s Chair, Cepheus, and the Dragon
  • Rock Study – Mica
  • Bird Study – Belted Kingfisher
  • Bird Study – Hawks
  • Winter Berries (not in the Handbook of Nature Study)

You will need to have a copy of the Handbook of Nature Study to use with the suggestions in the ebook. You can purchase a copy from or you can use an online version. The version I use is ISBN 0801493846.

Each week I will be sharing one of the challenges here on the blog which means you can follow along without a membership if you subscribe to my blog. You can subscribe by entering your email address in the subscription box at the top right of my website. After you enter your name, you will need to confirm your subscription by responding to the email that will come to your inbox.

Where Can I Get The New Ebook?

This ebook will not be sold separately but will be added to the Ultimate and Journey levels of membership here on the Handbook of Nature Study.

If you are a member of the Ultimate or Journey levels here on the Handbook of Nature Study, you will find the ebook listed in your library after you log into your account. The ebook version available to members includes all of the notebook pages, coloring pages, and color images. I highly recommend purchasing a membership for all the added benefits for each and every challenge.

Handbook of Nature Study Ultimate Naturalist Library






Butterfly Eyes – Nature and Art

I have been sharing some of my favorite nature literature over on my Handbook of Nature Study blog.

Don’t miss this awesome book and some ideas for art follow-up.

Butterfly Eyes Literature poetry nature study

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