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Notebooking Pages Membership Sale

I just want all my readers to be aware that’s Fall Lifetime Membership Sale ends today. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know how highly I valued this huge collection of pages that my boys customized to fit their learning style and interests. I have devoted a whole page here on my website detailing how we used notebooking pages in our homeschool. I would love for you to pop over and take a look for some inspiration: Notebooking.

Here are the details for the Fall Lifetime Membership Sale:

All Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Memberships will be $25 off.

Payment Options

  • One-time Payment of $72
  • 3-month Installment Plan ($10, $31, $31)

All new members receive 2 bonuses:

  • $100+ homeschool bonus e-package (including free gifts from Harmony Fine Arts and the Outdoor Hour Challenge)
  • 6 months free access to The Notebooking Publisher

Notebooking Pages Membership Sale

Please note I am an affiliate for and will receive a commission if you purchase something after clicking on of my links. Thanks!!!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Enjoying Our New Homeschool Co-Op

Paul Klee Art

Oh, how I have enjoyed teaching art to our little co-op! I didn’t even realize how much I missed it and Monday when we were in the midst of our Paul Klee study…I suddenly felt so happy I got tears as I soaked it all in. Crazy, crazy art mama.

As a group, we viewed a lot of Klee’s artwork both online and with prints. I found the picture frames shown above during last month’s IKEA visit (TOLSBY). Aren’t they great for displaying art prints for picture study? They are 4″ by 6″ and they were less than $1 each! I can easily slip in a print for each week’s picture study time. They don’t work if the artwork is landscape but I can work around that.

Mr. B also did another Klee art project on his own that involved a page from an old book and watercolors (idea from Pinterest).

Our little homeschool group is also learning to play tennis. The advantage of homeschooling is that we can use the courts at the park during the school day and have the place to ourselves. One of the young men in our congregation has volunteered to give lessons twice a month and it is wonderful! All the kids get lots of one on one time and even after two lessons they have greatly improved. None of the kids had even held a racket before so this is pretty exciting for them.

Mr. B is really cranking out the school work these days as he sees the light at the end of his high school tunnel. We are still relying heavily on the notebook pages from even in his senior year. He is continuing with his timeline of history, his study of 20th century history, and our focus on modern art. He is reading Steinbeck’s The Pearl and doing some writing to go along with it.

Today we are off to have co-op nature study time….yes, I get to lead that too!

I have learned this year that it is never too late to try something new. Being a part of a small co-op has given our homeschool a new layer of enjoyment that we didn’t even know we were missing.  Mr. B is doing a terrific job of balancing his academics, our co-op activities, his volunteer work, and some part time jobs. More on how we are accomplishing that soon…

Homegrown Learners

Notebooking Art Appreciation Ideas with the New Noteboking Publisher Web App

We have been experimenting with the new Notebooking Publisher program from the Notebooking Treasury. This is the new web app from where you can take a blank notebook page and customize it. You can even type your written narrations onto the page and then print it out!

So far we have figured out how to pick a template, add an image, and type titles and written narration. The program is fairly intuitive and we picked up on the way it worked quite quickly. I had fun creating some notebook pages for our new year’s art plans which are a continuation of last year’s 20th Century Art plans.

Here are a couple of our new pages. (Expect to see lots of these pages from Mr. B this year!)

Notebooking Publisher Modern Art Cover
This one we made using the Blank Border Template by adding text and our own image from the public domain. You can pick the border, the font and text size, and situate the text and image on the page where ever you want. There are some fun fonts too!

Notebooking Publisher Paul Klee Page
This one took a matter of seconds to create using the Lined Template, adding titles, and our images we uploaded from the public domain. I love how the border matches the Modern Times Timeline series pages from the Notebooking Treasury. Mr. B is still going to hand write his narration onto the notebook page for some of his work this year.

After we get rolling, I think he will actually type in his narration onto the notebook pages using the Notebooking Publisher and then print the pages out for his art binder and timeline.

This was so much fun! What a great way to refresh our enthusiasm for notebooking!

I am giving the Notebooking Publisher a big thumbs up and we are looking forward to seeing what Debra adds as the summer goes by.

The Notebooking Publisher is included in the Notebook Pages Treasury.

If you haven’t seen how it works yet, here is Debra’s video tutorial.

Visit to learn more about their memberships
and their new web-app, The Notebooking Publisherâ„¢

If you decide to order, here is a discount code that you can use.
Use discount code = discount10 to save $10 on your $20+ purchase at

Notebooking Success EbookRecommendation: If I had been able to read Jimmie’s new ebook, Notebooking Success when I first started using notebooking pages as a regular part of our homeschooling week…maybe I would have been a much smarter notebooking mom, certainly a much more confident notebooking mom. You can read my review on Jimmie’s website.

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