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My Planner and Calendar from

I have used the printable pages from for six years now. Each year I refine the kinds pages I print and then include in my binder to fit my current needs. This is the beauty of a lifetime membership!

Please note that I am an affiliate for I am sharing this product because I love it and highly recommend it!

The printable planner, calendars, journal and notebook pages are all included in your membership. I usually spend an hour or so in December each year deciding how to customize the pages I will need for the coming year. When I was a homeschooling mom, keeping things simple was vital and using the same style of planner each year helped me stay organized without reinventing my planner from year to year. This year I cut down on the number of pages in my planner streamlining it even more now that all my children are out on their own.

What have I added this year? Goal pages.  These goal pages in front of me every day will hopefully help me to not forget my long term goals for the year. I love this ability to change up the look of the calendar pages and create a planner that works for my life.

Mom’s Tool Belt is offering lifetime memberships for a reasonable price of $24.95.

Moms Tool Belt Planner Calendar @harmonyfinearts (2)

For the price of one fancy planner or calendar that you could buy at your local office supply store, you could have access to hundreds of printable pages that you can customize for your household use. What does the membership include exactly?

  • At-A-Glance calendar pages -I use these both for personal and business planning!
  • Covers and spines to coordinate with your calendar pages
  • Household budget pages
  • Lots of homeschool planning and organizational pages
  • Home maintenance and chore pages
  • Menu planning (one of my favorite pages) and complete recipe binder pages
  • Shopping lists and blank lists for all reasons
  • Medical records
  • Pages to record goals for the year

These are just a few of the many pages you can print as many times as you want for your planners.

One year I spiral-bound my calendar but I found it worked better for me to use a 3-ring binder because it allowed me to be more flexible. It took me less than 45 minutes to print out and then organize my whole 2016 calendar which included my household pages, homeschooling pages, and my business planner.

Moms Tool Belt Planner Calendar @harmonyfinearts (1)

I use Post-It tabs to mark my months and insert cardstock markers edged with Washi tape to create reminders for chore lists, prayer lists, and weekly goals. This is just one more way I customize my planner using MomsToolBelt printable pages. Boy it feels good to have the 2016 calendar all ready to go!

You can view this entry to see exactly how I set up my 2012 calendar/planner: Homeschool Planners and Calendars.

I highly recommend Mom’s Tool Belt to anyone who wants a flexible, beautiful planner that you can print out year after year. Debra is continually adding new pages and making upgrades and with your lifetime membership you will never need to purchase another planner ever! Don’t hesitate…

Homeschool Tracker – High School Records Made Easy



Homeschool tracker Review high school records


Note: This post contains affiliate links.

The record-keeping and planning program from Homeschool Tracker was a valuable high school tool. I started using Homeschool Tracker Plus before that (since 2004!) but not until high school came along did I appreciate  the huge time-saving aspects of this program. I would much rather be spending time actually being with my boys and not tied to my desk creating plans and then recording my week by hand. I admit I did not use all the bells and whistles available from Homeschool Tracker. I used the aspects of the program that allowed me to keep simple records without a lot of fuss.

My summers were not taken up with creating high school plans manually. Homeschool Tracker took a subject and assign out pages and chapters into neat lesson plans after establishing a pattern. It was like magic! Once I had my assignments entered for one son, the next year I could reuse those same lessons with my younger son. Planning once, entering once, and using twice made my life so much easier.

With a push of a button I could see all the unfinished assignments for the week and create a task list for each boy with a few clicks. I also used Homeschool Tracker to keep a record of all the odds and ends we completed each year and then after collection them I could assign them a course.

I also could enter a score for each assignment and Homeschool Tracker accumulates the scores for me and assigned a grade. I don’t know how much time this has saved me over the years with two boys…hours and hours I would expect.

If we had a change in plans, Homeschool Tracker made it easy to adjust the assignments forward by bumping them to a new day easily. All the future assignments would roll over and we could just keep working. This was a lifesaver for our busy life. We never felt “behind”.

At the end of each year, Homeschool Tracker could create a report card and at the end of the senior year you can create a custom transcript easily! The process is super simple and it took no time at all. I was done with my record-keeping and off having summer fun in no time.

High School Reports From Homeschool Tracker

(all customizable to fit your needs)

  • Attendance for official records
  • Daily or weekly assignment sheets
  • Unfinished assignment list
  • Report cards
  • Transcripts
  • Book lists
  • Field trip records

If you click over to their website and click the “products” button, there are lots of sample reports to examine.

I highly recommend Homeschool Tracker Plus for your high school record-keeping needs.

There is now an online version for Homeschool Tracker which I have not used.


Homeschool Tracker

Please note this is an affiliate link. I have been using this product for over six years and love it. I recommend it to all my real life homeschooling friends and now I recommend it to you too!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Last Ever Term Plans

Flashback Friday 2 Mr. B 2000

With Mr. B’s permission I am posting some photos from the year 2000. It seems appropriate to do a sort of Flashback Friday collage for this post.


Before I posted this Weekly Wrap-Up post,  I was determined to finish up this term’s plans for Mr. B…our last official term homeschooling e.v.e.r. If I had to pick a word that describes my feelings at this very moment it would probably be fulfilled. My days homeschooling may be numbered but my heart is full of knowing that I have done my best to fulfill the role of teacher/mentor to my children during their formal high school homeschool years.

Flashback Friday - Mr. B 2000

In 2000, Mr. was in the first grade. As you can tell from these photos, he was a very active young boy!

So many great memories filed away, like gems in a treasure box. I am going to try to fit in a few more golden memories as we work our way through our last weeks, finishing quite a few courses early.

(He is already planning a Minecraft themed graduation party with me…it is going to be fun!)

Want to know what we are going to be doing this term? How about I make a list?


Pre-Calculus from Teaching Textbooks:  He will be finishing this up early in April and it will not be too soon according to Mr. B. This is a good and thorough course and Mr. B is hanging in there until the bitter end.

Anatomy: His main text is Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals and he supplements with the coloring book and the Great Course DVD series-Understanding the Human Body. I have organized these by topic and he finishes a chapter with the corresponding DVD lessons every couple of weeks. He loves this topic so it is easy to talk to him about it and I enjoy reading his notes.

Art and Music:  He convinced me to forgo the senior project and to continue our study of  modern art/composers the way we have been since the beginning of the year. This meant more work on my part but in the end it is working out since I will use the plans with my homeschool co-op art class as well. Artists up on the schedule: James Rizzi, Horace Pippin, Faith Ringgold, Charlie Harper, and Rene Magritte.

I had a request from a reader to share my co-op art plans with details so you can follow along with us. I will make it a point to post those plans ahead of time for you if you are interested. Most of the time they are straight from other blogs or websites like Deep Space Sparkle but I will give you the links I use.

Literature: Finishing up with IEW Excellence in British Literature and a unit in IEW Succeeding on the AP Literature Exam program. Books? Scarlet Letter, Sir Gawain and Shakespeare’s Richard III.

Poetry: William Carlos Williams and then we are going to finish up with Tapestry of Grace’s last assignments from the Poetry Anthology. Our year will end with the silliness of Shel Silverstein.

History: Tapestry of Grace Year 4 Unit 4!!! This unit includes an intense geography component and instead we will be studying the countries of the modern Middle East. I think this is something Mr. B will enjoy and glean lots of relevant information from as we work with maps and include cultural studies as well.

Extras that I would like to fit:After he finishes his anatomy course, I would like for him to take a quick run through 7 Sisters Psychology course. He will also be finishing with his history and literature early and this might give him time enough to work through this course from 7 Sisters: Advanced Guide to High School Short Story Writing – Myth and Fantasy. It all depends on how things play out over the term.

Ambitious, maybe. I know Mr. B though and he is ready to dig in for his last term of work. In fact, I spied him working on math over his winter break so he could “get ahead”. He also finished reading Great Expectations early so he could work on the essay over the break. He is a motivated student and such a joy to watch.

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